Hey! This needs to be ten characters!

Hey just saying stay healthy everyone! I like a lot of you people, ya make me laugh in a good way, and would hate to lose ya guys over some stupid bug!!


I forsee this fashion trend making a resurgence.


I live in a rural area, so I’m not TOO concerned. But I went into town on Friday just for dog food and couldn’t believe the numbers of people there at the store. Half of them were clutching packs of arse wipe like leprecauns with their pots of gold.
Monday a guy went into the local beer store and bought EVERY case of Bud Light in the display. 16 thirty packs of Bud Light for one guy. Good god, is nothing sacred anymore?
Seriously, though in my 55 years I don’t recall seeing anything quite like this here.
Take care of yourselves and your families and guard your beer n toilet paper…