Hi there...hi everyone


I am a new member, so I do not have a friend. You can make friends with me. I want to learn more.

Thank you.


Get a cat.


And Hi to you but many people havent friendship with others here.
Enjoy the dicussions and you will learn more about what you want^^


Hello, and enjoy.
Don’t sweat the more negative folks on the forum.


Go try Tinder :wink:
But back to topic… HI THERE :smiley:



Here are some I prepared earlier (life is strange)

Welcome to the community :wink:

(If that is the opposite of why you are here ie to take a break from hedonism, then,…)
How do ya like them ‘apples’?

(Cue shot from Jay and Silent Bob Stikes Back)


that pic of them kissing on the couch. what game was that? i played that shit game 1 time and never palyed it ever again… i remember there was all kinds of sexual things you can do. it was the only reason i downloaded it. i wanted to see what happened with the sex stuff lol but i couldnt find someone who wanted to “fuck” . everyone i asked was trying to make me pay 2 bucks in RL money 1st lololol, they were online hookers or something . lolol good times.


The game is “Life is strange”.


Some friendly advice. You really need to get out more and meet real people.


Your descr. sounds more like Second Life ^^

Although it is Life is Strange, the style of the captured photo looks Sim’ish too ^^


Game with photography as a key theme… (Life is Strange)…

Yes I chose that shot for a reason…