High Boots are invisible

Playing on Steam. All DLCs and all patches. Just booted up the game and every item of clothing/armour/boots I own are showing up just fine, except for High Boots. Both in the menu and in-game, you can just see Henry’s bare feet when wearing the High Boots.

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I can confirm this too; High Boots and their similar variant don’t appear! My Henry likes his High Boots.

Leather Boots are invisible on the legs with Brigandine Chausses, even though I know they are on since leg defense goes up when I enable and wear them. Went back to plate chausses and so no more issue, but weird for them not to show with brigandine.

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Yep same problem here, did you send a ticket ?

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Still there after the hotfix, and old boots worn by Henry at game start look weird too.

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Yep, They’re the best Stealth Boots and they become invisible on my Henry…Very disappointed

I can confirm, I also get this bug with multiple different boots. It just shows up as barefoot , but the defense goes up so technically they’re on. This is the least of my concerns at this point, as I’m wanted for crimes in every town for absolutely nothing. I buy a haircut and as soon as it’s over a private area sign pops up and everybody runs screaming. Hell, I’m wanted for a crime in Skalitz and I haven’t even been there since early game. I have no idea how, I don’t even kill people or do anything wrong. I hunt for all my coin and sell them to Millers.

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I found another great Silent Shoes stealth stats better than the reg Silent Shoes in Talberg during the the last battle inside the Talberg castle on the back bottom left room

You can buy some « quiet dark shoes » from cobblers too. A bit better than « silent shoes ».

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Which town?

All cobblers have the same inventory iirc, but they’d finally are available in Rattay.

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Hopefully the devs fix this issue, The High Shoes have the vest steatlh stats

How so? they have 50 visibility and 50 noise.

Leather boots have less visibility and conspic. than ‘‘quiet dark shoes’’ (10/10 vs 14/12), but have more noise at 28 vs 0. Granted, the stuffing perk can reduce noise to 0 easily.

Im telling you bud, there’re some High Boots that have great Stealth Stats better than the Silent Shoes, But they show up invisible on Henry

This still hasn’t been fixed as of 1.8.2

I guess they dont fixing clothes. I am waiting for a fix for the cotehardie… but nothing!
The support is 50/50. 680
Sending without a answer in many month is bad. So dont put to much hope in a fix! It isnt her priority!
After the Mod Tools are released people can do that by her own. Maybe they are seeing the same orpunities like Bethesda!? No money for things which arent so big annoying. The mod tools will be simple as in Dying Light or The Witcher 3 and that should be enough to solve such problems.

I can confirm the boots are invisible.

1.8.2 and they still haven’t fixed it ? How difficult it is ? That’s really disturbing. I mean I can see barefoot people walking around all the time. Please Devs give us a quickfix. I’m sure high and leather boots are bugged and probably more of them.

Same problem.