High stats but suck at combat


yeah im on 1050hrs of gameplay and only broke into the combat but after grinding on axe with bernard i try out combat on some real living opponents and i suck monkey dick at it. i can kill like one enemy and if i get lucky finish off two with my axe but thats it. usually i get owned.

i have proper knights armour and all the time there’s like five enemies just ganging up on me, its not fair. i get owned in like six hits. how am i supposed to fight back

is this just an issue with 1.5 or something cos now im like level 20 at all skills i hate to say it im getting really annoyed at this game


If you get flanked, you’re gonna die. It’s as simple as that

Counter, chain if you can (being careful not to be out of stam and getting hit on flank by end of chain), move, rinse, repeat … only thing that works for me with multiple enemies


Well, don’t be surprised if you get some well earned, snarky comments.


The axe is the not best weapon to use. Now a Ceremonial mace poisoned with the mod probane poison is better and Bouche shield along with combat and blood letting perks and gorgon and revenant will help.
Taking one out with a bow first couldn’t hurt ,you,(lol).
Also not as mentioned not staying put and not getting flanked.

running away and stringing out the pursuers to thin out an immediate threat is worth a try.


Who u bizzin on kidda


:point_up: king of snark


I actually sucked with sword and axe was my best friend, now I bought most expensive mace there is with around 70 dmg so we will see. Are enemies harder at the end?


first play line with 1.5 so I can’t really say but what I mentioned , your high stats and top tier armor can help


well i’m on the “kill the camp leaders” activity around skalitz and its full of tough cunts who basically gang rape you if you want a fight. i can’t deal with like six of them and for some reason my master strikes don’t work. i don’t want to have to stealth it every time.


Well…if pc there is always the modded Capon death bow (110, there is an 80 version) and better piercing arrows and sniping


I was doing those camps for Bernard. That’s when I was 40 hours in. I also had problems with sword. But they are all well armed and with helmets. If you go with sword, just hit shield, they open defense and poke into face, then block and back away as other three will flank you. But at start it’s better to just fight shortly, raise stats, call horse, retreat and heal and go back in with repaired armour. I actually stole their armours and killed while they were sleeping. Then when I wiped around 6 camps I headed to western camp since 50 hours, I use axe and try to sneak around, distract them to divide them. I can safely fend off two at once, sometimes even one gives me trouble. This last time, I fought more one by one, but they damaged my helmet, at the end I had last enemy who bashed me into head so I started bleeding with half health. He had half health so I was confident to stay fighting. We were even. I won, I only bled slightly, used one bandage. Now I’m 60 hours and I have mace for heavy cumans, those lights will go down by fists. I beat one bowman with fists cause there was no other enemy around. Heavy armor suits me better but sneaking is actually harder, but cumans are mostly sitting while looking at each other so better to pick them out at night when there’s only one guard awake. Sometimes they don’t sleep. This one time at the cave during dark, there was only one way in and I failed to sneak. I fell into bush and got stuck. As I was trying to get out, they heard me and I got out by swinging at enemies. Got injured and after fight, I went into cave where one was asleep. On the way out, there was one sitting out, I waited but he was at the same spot till morning, looking at his dead friends. This time was raining even inside the cave. It was weird.