Highly skilled enemies seem to impossible to hit with standard strikes

Highly skilled enemies seem to impossible to hit with standard strikes?
I’m pretty far along the main quest, just killed Runt in single combat. I’ve fought 5 men at once and won many times so I’ve got a pretty good feel for the combat. I’ve been mostly using longswords. If I use polearms I can destroy anyone easily, but they are poorly implemented in the game at the moment and are annoying to keep ahold of, and you can’t even sell them.

However, something I’ve noticed is that highly skilled enemies are virtually impossible for me to hit with any attack that isn’t a counter or after a dodge. Stabs get through if I time them decently, but they seem to be able to parry stand slashes 99% of the time. My strikes are so damned sluggish and slow, they’re just worthless.

The combos I learn seem nearly useless against anything but rabble since they always deflect and/or counter flawlessly.

I can still beat them easily enough, but it’s kind of annoying/anti-climatic to have to dance around and wait for them to strike since the higher skilled they are the less aggressive they seem to be if you’re not vulnerable.

So basically I can, so far, defeat everyone fairly easily, but have to do it in a less fun way. It seems to me there are 3 tiers of enemy skill. The highly skilled, mentioned above, the regular bandits, and those that are just plain terrible.

Combat against the middle tier is the most fun because they seem to have less than flawless skill, while having enough to pose a threat if you aren’t careful - but I can sometimes use combos and get regular hits in. But still, too easy.

It’s really odd that it’s hard and easy at the same time, but it feels kinda cheesy just countering the tough guys and every fight against them is the same.

My Strikes are So. Very. Slow. They feel unresponsive.

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I agree with this and I find it to be quite an issue. If anything, highly skill opponents should require combos to be beaten! Combos are supoused to be advanced fighting techniques, yet instead of beating your hig-level opponents using your mastery of the sword, you kill them with endless poking and pommel-bashing. Doesn’t feel right.

I mean that’s the idea of highly skilled opponents. If you just walk over them completely then the game would be too easy.

As for combos I agree to an extent, they haven’t been of much use for me and I don’t think they ever will, but if it was easy to land a combo then enemies would go down fairly quickly considering how many strikes are in a combo.

Regarding attacks being slow is the rpg element of the game, if attacks were as fast as in real life then this game would be almost impossible to beat and you’d pretty much have to be a skilled archer

For some reason I’ve found the fights against the armoured knight which you have a chance at finding alongside roads the most fun.

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I think the difficulty of fights are fine, it give you a chance to actually take the time to read a fight. You cant be overly aggressive with some enemies nor defensiv because you will be exploited. The combat system is wonderfully realistic in the sense you need combat awareness. You cant just expect to combo kill everyone, some swordsmen are going to be better than you. Youre Henry a 16 year old boy who did nothing but help is folks, flirt, drink and maybe some heavy petting with the bar maid until the raid on the village. And you need to treat the game that way, you will have so much fun.

Remember you are no battle season warrior of 20 years. You have been fight for a few months depending on your time played. You will get better and make sure to practice with the knights in the arena to hone your skills. Speaking of that hone your weapojs often as swords become dull if not cared for. They will loose thier luster and edge which will effect damage and durability. Blades can and will snap in combat if uncared for.

But they are easy to walk over if you play defensively. It’s just not as fun, but fighting other ways seems much less effective.

My point is being overly defensive works wonders, but it makes fights drag out. Going offensive is more fun, but FAR less effective. And I don’t expect to combo kill everyone. In fact I’ve barely made use of them at all because they seem basically useless since enemies almost always interrupt them in some way, and I’ve seen quite a number of forum posts where people are saying the same thing. The lower tier enemies usually die before a combo completes in my experience, so they don’t even get much use there either.

And for not being a veteran, well once you train and gear up you’re obviously as good as any of the other guys or you wouldn’t be killing them in droves or defeating said veterans in 1 on 1 combat.

I do recommend to spent a few hours playing on arena with Sir Robard. After that even Runt is dying with one blow. :sunglasses:

You can tire your opponent. Try that.

That’s the most ridiculous thing with this game. People who complain about difficulty have no idea how ludicrous your character scales with levels to attributes and skills. It feels like you become exponentially more powerful by practicing in that stupid arena for an hour or two, and suddenly, you can one-shot some guards with a cheap longsword.

Yeah I spent sometime with captain Bernard and runt went down after I landed two hits…two hits! I didn’t use any buff potions or poisons, and thought to myself, what that’s it? Granted, he did block a few in the outset of the fight, but when an opening presented itself it took two hits. Now I’m chasing after the higher tier bandits involved with the activity “Interlopers”, I guess the robber barons. Their much more of a challenge then runt was, tried three times to take them on at the first camp; tried with a long sword without shield, got my shit rocked. Then tried two more times with raven’s beak and boche shield, still died to them. Now I’m considering using buff potions and/or poisons and visiting Bernard once more to train more in maces.

PS, sorry didn’t realize this was an old post, sorry for resurrecting it.

Good one. Raising hell and the dead.

Necromong :smiley:

You need to be put in jail, so it can come up game over.

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Fighting offensively and getting combos in is easily possible. You need to rush up to your opponent, initiate a clinch, beat them down, and then hit them with a combo and take them out of the fight pretty quickly (depending on weapon choice obviously).

Dont use a sword on plated enemies… If your fights are dragging out this will mainly be the issue of you not switching weapons. When looking at historical accounts, knights used a variety of weapons and many used War hammers maces or axes against other knights. In fact the axe was so popular that there was even a special made dueling axe knights would use in duels.

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I’ve never found sword too useful in this game, for reasons mentioned above. Maces on the otherhand are very efficcient and pretty easy to use. Just get the enemy to make a mistake or get distracted and you can often bash his skull in right away with a few quick blows, armor or not.


Exactly, to many people are getting caught up in only using swords. They are forgetting you can’t rightly slash plate or chain mail. Therefore for your axes which deal Blunt and slash damage as well as maces and warhammers that deal piercing and blunt damage will be the most effective. The shield combos should also be implemented for offense and defensive combat tactics as well.

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You just need to practice…you need to drain their stamina…play it tactical…

And as other people have stated…use blunt weapons vs armoured opponents. I use a longsword only because it has more combos than the other weapons and feels more elegant.

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