Homicidal rampage


Hi all,

Don’t have all the trophies (never intend to get them all), but have played a lot of hours (+1000). Right now, I’m waiting for bastards to come out so i can start a new playline with amorous, the tourney and bastards all as first time experiences. In the meantime, loaded up an old save file on vanilla PS4 v1.7.2. traveled from Talmberg to Rattay to test popins and textures. Popins were fine, but textures not so fine.

Being sated with enemy NPC harvesting and being perturbed by the performance degradation, I went medi-evil to stress test the death mechanic. Before I get into the details of that bloodbath, I’d like to outline my expectations. Please share yours - which align, which differ.

(1) Upon killing livestock within view, i expect other livestock to bolt and i expect a visceral (immediate) and negative response from villager and allied (traders, etc) NPCs. either call the guards/watchmen or confront me. the confrontation doesn’t have to lead to combat… at least initially. could be something like ‘what the kurva are you doing?’ and, then escalate (or de-escalate) from there.
(2) Upon killing a villager (or allied NPC), i expect others to call the guards/watchmen, recruit other villagers for mob reaction, flee (notifying others on the way away), or fight (conditional based on perception of Henry)
(3) After some threshold of mayhem, i expect a mass response. This happened in Rovna during Run!. It should happen elsewhere (Neuhof, Ledetchko, etc).
(4) Upon being within proximity of dead or (gravely) wounded, i expect a reaction. i don’t expect an NPC to ignore the bloodshed. Maybe the NPC faints, panics/flees, draws a weapon, shouts for support, calls for the local guard/watchman

(1) (a) a herd of sheep was grazing E of where you meet Sir Bernard. (didn’t notice before – nice touch WH!) they spooked a little which was good. made approaching for melee not easy which is consistent with the sheep in Skalitz. equipping with a bow changed the dynamic. the sheep didn’t spook. missed arrow shots. stayed basically in same place. sheep didn’t spook after fellow herd members less than 50cm from were shot dead. killed the whole herd and none ran away. NPCs in area but no response.
(1) (b) a cluster of cattle between Neuhof and Rattay. same thing. no NPCs in area
(1) (c_) all the horses in Neuhof stables. same thing. horses dying didn’t elicit much response, certainly not as much as i expected.
(2) (a) Neuhof: i got 1 Neuhof villager to run to the authorities. the guard fought. others tried to flee. the lag though of those sitting was way too delayed. the NPC reactions at the stables were in waves.
(2) (b) Inn in the Glade: some NPCs tried to flee. others just sat there even after several-few others met their demise. nobody really tried to fight. and, can’t remember anyone running off to Talmberg for back up.
(3) (a) Neuhof: even as slaughter was in the air, there was no coordinated or mass effort. i was shocked out how easy it was for the grim reaper to go from house to house without a coordinated or mass effort (mob attack or mob escape). as the bloodletting went from significant to every inhabitant, the offenses shifted from being fined to jailed. killing all didn’t eliminate the jailing threat alert.
(3) (b) Inn in the Glade: that initial indifference was alarming. dead bodies were everywhere and yet some guys were still nursing their beers. unlike Neuhof, people were clustered together. but, the mass response was no better… even with lots of liquid courage flowing through their veins.
(4) (a) Neuhof: Ginger and some of the others tried to run away upon seeing dead stablehands.
(4) (b) Inn in the Glade: Matthew ran away and then he came back and initiated combat. so, there’s some nuance in there. just not widespread enough. Fritz literally sat in the same spot as a victim and proceeded to drink. dead bodies were everywhere so i cannot understand Fritz’s reaction


Maybe it’s because he’s in his natural environment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … just kidding

Nice sum-up what still needs to be fixed in this game btw :+1:



yeah, i wonder … have wondered about Fritz and his mental health. is he just a ruffian or does he really suffer from some pathology?


i think fritz is just a dumbass, a lovable dumbass
did you check your reputation before starting? sometimes this can effect NPC responses, especially when you have that perk that makes NPC’s that you have a high reputation with ignore you.

This aside, NPC’s do seem very dim and in a world of their own a lot of the time. I have been in combat with cumans, bandits and guards and suddenly they have broken off from combat and just stood around as though nothing had happened. Happens more when you are running away from them to shoot them from horseback but does happen in combat too. And this is in full plate with 100 noise and very high conspic and visibility


I go on homicidal rampages all the time. I’ll wait until nightfall in one of the bigger towns, like Rattay, then sweep through and methodically stealth kill every last person (except unkillable NPCs). Just last night I did it, not a single person left alive. It took all night, I’m not sure how I wasn’t spotted. I keep saves around that I can roll back to after I’ve had my fun.


there are a few places in rattay and sassau where you can stand and no one can get to you while you shoot everyone full of arrows


@nopinkcreations: Can you take a screenshot of the one in Rattay? I’m already hated in every city and have an active bounty in most of them, so I wont mind the consequences of filling everyone witb arrows while knowing they cant catch me til I’m good and ready to turn myself in.


Not sure about arrows but you can stand between chapel near upper castle and the wall and only one guard can attack you at a time


looking across the bridge towards pirkstein you can get onto the bank on the right hand side of the bridge and no one can get to you, occasionally a guard will manage to get across but its rare, archers find it hard to aim at you too


Never paid close enough attention before… anyhow when tried to shoot bird nest down for BoB, missed once and noticed the arrow has ridiculous range. Went higher than fireworks


yew longbow + better long distance arrow = intercontinental ballistic missile, goodbye north korea
also here are some screenshots of the place i was talking about

you can also get onto the lower slanting roof directly opposite in the second picture but its not as good because they can shoot you pretty easily when you are up there
Note to devs: please dont patch this, its fun and adds a lot of replayability to the game, great for just fucking around when you have nothing else to do


the after effect