Honeyed Words BUG

Good day,

I am writing this post because I got bug in quest Honeyed Words. It happens right after you give potion to Lord Capon and you need go after him and knock on doors in 21:00 evening. I go after him, knock on door and god infinite loading screen bug. This is little bit pity, because I am at end of the game (all quests finished except this one) and I cannot even finish game alone, because Lord Capon needs that I finish his quest from DLC first. I am playing on PC Game Pass from Microsoft Store. So far game worked for me without bugs in quests. IF anybody knows solution, I will be really thankful. Thanks in advance.

Have absolutely same problem now, but I’m not in the end game. Looking forward for a fix.

Please report this issue also to the support: support@kingdomcomerpg.com