Horrible clothes' texture overlapping


When you’re wearing an armor and a jacket over it (a jupon for example) it comes to horrible texture overlappings and collisions. Sometimes an elbow comes through the fabric, sometimes a shoulder is showing or a part of back…

Boy, this game has been released a YEAR AGO, how can such an awful, ugly bug still be part of the game? :weary:


Yes, it was only a dream and at the end just like every game.
It was clear that this is would be an empty promise.
And before the election, is not after the election. As our politicians would say. :smile:


Well, it’s not like all those other similar games out there have texture bugs like these. :wink:
It just looks so unfinished. How can you consider using cryengine so that the woods are looking good if such basics aren’t done well? :thinking:


Believe me, the texture layer system is since the invention of Crysis 1 not good and proper.
Sure, it can be fixed but it needs more time than usually thought