Horse archery?

It would really fun to have the ability to shoot some ranged weapons from horseback (e.g. composite bow?).


Would be great. At last the Cumans should do some mounted archery.


Just imagine riding horse, trying to escape mounted polovstians, who shoot their composite bows, and you are trying to shoot back.

But back to the quivers. I discussed this with our character
artists, since this is not my specialty and the main reason for back
quivers is technical, not historical. The quiver is big and the
characters hands would be going trhough it. Since the game is first
person, itr would be quite visible when running and looking down. But
the same problem would happen during horse riding, falling down or
sitting. Whet should we do when archers sits on the chair? Crossbow
quiver is smaller and so it could be there, but this would be too big
and awkward and since this is not historically impossible and its less
awkward, that is the reason why they moved it to back. Its not as simple
as it may seem at first sight

It means no mounted archery?

The characters would be meat if the Cumans were mounted and used Magyar bows… A Cuman warrior would carry his arrows in an ornate case suspended from his waist. For battle, his horse would be laden with 600-800 arrows. Cuman were light cavalry and lancers as they were Caucasian nomads of the Central Asian steppes, descendants of the Scythians and the Golden Horde.

The Cumans handed the Byzantines many defeats so in numbers, they would be a terror in Dark Age Eastern Europe, especially during the chaos after Wenceslaus was deposed.

Personally, I’d love to be a horse archer in the game, the average footman of the era was poorly equipped and poorly trained, especially against cavalry.

А вы в этом уверены? Привидете, пожалуйста источник, где бы было доказано, что половцы произошли от скифов. Я считаю, что половцы произошли от народа сюеяньто, кочевавшего по Великой Степи.

They were referred to as the Kipchak/Cuman and the Turkic translation of Kipchak is blonde Scythian. The Scythians ranged from the Carpathians to Central China and were Caucasians. Their manner of warfare, and traditions, including kurgan burial mounds, draw many cultural parallels.

Источник, укажите, пожалуйста.

Опять же, укажите источник.

Useful guide for Horse Archery:

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Very good!
Pretty impressive.
Looks like you mastered the horse archery. :slight_smile: