Horse system fail in hardcore mode


That horse system really needs a change in hardcore mode… its completely ridicilous... teleporting horse and inventory swap where ever you want... cmon… are you serious?? that fault breaks most of the challenge from economy in this game and makes hardcore gameplay well… not useless but not so hardcore… Now i know theres players that answer this "dont just use that feature" NO dont bother to reply that shit…I dont care about defensive reply because this is not in offensive mind writing, keep it to yourself and love this game a way you want to. Imo if its in the game and its not working to improve it, then its shuldent be there! im pretty sure every game creators agree and goal with that… In my mind its not the players responsibility to imagine things.. I love this game every other espect, but that one major false make this hardcore mode too easy and unimmersive.. i dont care about shit for realism, just a things that makes game good!! Please correct that horse system in this game and you have alltime masterpiece of hardcore rpg :slight_smile:


I don’t see how switching gear from you to your horse is that much of a problem. All it does is save you running back and forth between your looting and your horse.


you can loot everything, every time, everywhere and not get burden anymore ever… money money money… and thats the point that it suck. i want to need of keep economy challenging, or why you call it hardcore mode if theres nothing hard?? it just then another stupid tube running fps game with annoying useless stats and features.. not a rpg. after you get horse economy is pointless.. cause its too easy and game looses its edge as hardcore and original rpg…


I actually agree with this. It is too easy to get rich in the game.

I can understand the wealth Henry plunder from killing 5 bandits then loading the loot up his horse.
I cannot understand how he can sneak into an armory and leave with enough gear to equip an army.

It makes those quests like poaching for chump change irrelevant. Henry just lost everything. A job from the butcher to poach some game is suppose to be a god sent opportunity.

Now if we play at this rate, and Henry were to make an honest living his whole life, he won’t make enough to buy an armor by the time he is 70, as realistically speaking. We do have to draw a line on realism or Henry will not reach level 3 on half of his skills line by the time he is 30 as do most real people.

What we can do to improve realism while making the game playable is stop letting shops buy loot.
Realistically speaking shops business plan is to sell. They will never stock up more when they still have a huge inventory to clear. Let alone get their goods from an unknown traveler.

This will also make stealing more selective. Not everything is worth stealing and Henry can only steal so much. A vase for an interested buyer, or some valuable jewels to fence or straightup steal coins. Not the entire inventory of the horse breeder. This does feel more like a petty thief as it should be.

As of now my Henry barely had his village burnt to ground a month ago and he already is rolling in money and wearing the gear fit for a king. Also he is the master of herbs, sword, lockpicking and brawling at the young age of what…18? And he only started training a month ago! Haha of course if we keep everything at a realistic pace this game is gonna be really boring. Just perhaps make it way harder to get rich.


Looting by itself isn’t a problem. The problem is the scale of looting enabled by respawns and the volume stored in armory. The horse-inventory mechanism amplifies this problem.

My Henry could supply the whole HRE with weapons and armor. This is wrong, esp in hardcore. Viktor railed against design porn in his talk; this is design porn. RDR2 has its fair share of design porn but looting clothing and weapons (for resale) from killed NPCs isn’t one of them

Imagine there has to be a hit in the game to manage hundreds of not thousands of objects in inventory.


Well seeing as you have an issue with the current horse system in hardcore mode, what do you think would be a better way to have horses function without taking away from the game? Criticism is more powerful if you have an idea what you want to see instead. While I agree that the economy in game needs a tweaking, I would find having to physically seek my horse every time i move away from it rather tedious. Not attempting to take away from what you’re saying, just wondering what you think would be a better solution.


thank you! that was a good reply and good point of view… horse system isnt alone the only solution to that problem, it was just a first thing when i start to get bored to this game when i head to that problem. first 20 hours when i didnt yet start to play main quest, game was amazing! and filled with allkind of funny things to play when trying to just get along:) if you even could somehow get rid of owned horse that would be nice, but no you even cant kill that filthy animal if you own it and get random one, which work in game just fine, when you cant whistle or load it full of shit like it was a 18 wheeler. hedition has a nice idea for better economy and imo theres no need of horse with inventory and whistle teleporting system is not hardcore.. i rather think where i left horse that i can find it later.. its part of a game and fun when you need to think… that`s so rare in games today.


Number one - factor Henry’s inventory in horse overload capacity. It’s a cheat when you can carry more than Jenda, and that you then can ride away on Jenda being so overloaded

Other games do the whistle but they limit the range. As a fail safe, if you get lost/separated, the horse is recoverable at the stable


I really like the first idea. Would make sense that you weigh as much as everything you’re carrying at least.
Also a very functional way to deal with keeping track of it. I think that’s what they do in Zelda:BotW, They’d need to add stables in a bunch of places but good solution.
I don’t think WH will make those changes mind you, seeing as it’s a lot of work compared to the amount of people that would actually want it much but hopefully stuff like this will get made when Modding tools come out but that’s going to be a bit of a wait :stuck_out_tongue:


The simple version would be for the horse to return to point of origin. (design rationale - horses know their old home and return to it ‘naturally’ when lost)


If you want to find your horse manually and don’t like to swap things, don’t buy it, steal it… fixed for you! you’re welcome!


That might work except I had a ‘borrowed’ horse die on me in front of Miller Peshek’s. He was pissed off. Wouldn’t let me live it down for 2 weeks. Ribbed me mercilessly… the carcass stayed there :face_vomiting:


Yes you can also steal horse from bandit camp and it acts like “borrowed” or stealed one… but problem is that if you play main quest you automatically get horse from very beginning and cant get rid of it, and every time you fail mount your borrowed horse and character whistle that horse comes from teleport and inventory “cheat” is still there… i really hope they do something about horses because those are way out of realism and too overpower and it make this game feel more or less same than every other open world games… running from point to point is gametype i hate… theres wonderful economy and rpg in this game but that little stupid thing make it all pointless.. i still keep playing it with permadeath and without using owned horse and without main quest, but it would be nice that i can play it thru someday, now i can´t because i get bored immediatly. i really hope they dont left this to modders like bethesda do everytime with their rubbish games… it´s poison to game industry


OP, have you never heard of self-restraint? If you don’t like horse whistle or distant inventory access, FREAKING DON’T USE THEM! It’s a SPG, nobody is cheating except yourself. Why are you whinging here, just to hear yourself whinge?

Gawd, I hate being the voice of reason…