Horses are too cheap


2000 for a very good horse!?
I understand that a horse could cost as expensive as armor in these times, but it is the price of a piece of armor and not the whole set…


Maybe for balancing reasons ; getting through the game without heavy armor is doable IMO, but must be a bit painful without horse (and associated weight capacity).

Or it could be historical reasons ; during medieval era, there should be far more use for horses than heavy gear, maybe it was easier to found any horse around the farmer/merchant neighborhood than to find a talented enough armorer/blacksmith to forge knight armor.

Furthermore horses usage must have been more widely spread over all social classes (except for the poorest peasants), at least for labor works, than armor gear (wich often was limited to local garrisons, being very little use out of wars).


The thing is… You get a horse for free…
You buy a new one only to upgrade your old one.
I don’t believe many people got their horses killed… specially in the beginning.

In my opinion, cheap bad ones should be 2000 and expensive good ones 20000 or more…


Currently you can easily go to the place and pick the most expensive horse right away…
The difference in price is to small between a bad and good one.


Don’t forget how broken horses are. They are the reason you can make 15k in a single haul


Also A reason for constant game crashes


Do elaborate, for my simplemindeness and undeveloped mind.


The horse mechanics are rough around the edges. Pole arm use isn’t consistent.

Been knocked off horse a number of times since release during combat. Twice got knocked on to a plane that doesn’t connect to the ground so I levitate. It’s funny … still allows me to fight and take damage. When moved over and above horse and press mount, I feel to my death. Reported to KCD support.


The frequency of game crashes increased once unlocking the horse function. The game is also more likely to crash when galloping the horse rather than sprinting through the world. In turn more needs to be load in a shorter time frame. Logical.


Ever spawned in a horse and it was stuck in a tree?


What shit system are you playing on? I gallop from one side of the map to the other with 2k weight. No crash. Logical, Right. Let’s not forget you mount up the moment the game starts, let’s not forget the other thousand things going on. Must be the horses! This man figured it all out!


No, but mounted to standing position above horse (another levitation)


I have a console also, my game works perfectly find. Perhaps you’re playing the game wrong. But hey you’re super smart and know everything so wat do I know, plus I’m proudly autistic - apparently - says you, who’s is right, so it must be true! Gotta go tell mommy and daddy the unveiling truth of my disability


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