House of God - Spoilers

I’m playing through KCD again, wanted a fresh playthrough for the From the Ashes DLC. For as many times as I’ve played through it I still have pretty much no idea what is going on during the “House of God” quest. Everything from here on out is spoilers…

So… literally what is this quest?

Who killed the first worker and why? What does the Devil Skull have to do with anything? Why does Zmola kill Leshek? What was Zmola’s entire motivation?

Not every mystery quest needs to finish with a Poirot style whodunit reveal, but I feel a recap really would have helped this quest. Zmola is the badguy. I guess he kills Leshek because they were… partners in crime? Leshek planted the skull and… killed the worker (?) because… Zmola wanted to discredit the boss?

Even without bugs - and this quest still definitely has some - I still don’t really know what is actually happening. I’m glad Henry has to explain to Divish and not me.

Comes down to : greed.
replace good stone with cheap which caused an accident killing someone. Sell off the good for $$$ and or get out of contract to get a lower price and be able to stuff the difference into ones purse.
Devil skull to play off religious superstition and a diversion from facts pointing to a suspect .
Trying to kill you and killing ( or attempting to if your can stop it) is to get rid of witnesses/ partener and the investigator.
Really easy to follow.

One of the best side quests. It ended so that Zmola was ordered to kill you, but missed on purpose. He waited for you. I don’t know about you, but I accidentally killed him. My first kill actually, then I could not think about my no kill achievement and my last save was when I started fighting with him so I let my stupid decision be.

lol yo i knocked him out on top of the scaffolding, then i picked up his body and dropped his ass off the top of that scaffolding .lolol then i get to the bottom and he didnt even die from the fall he got up and started running away lol WTF

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First time I fought him, he pushed me down the structure, I died. Second time he pushed me again, I survived and he jumped to my level, he died, technically kill because I was involved in fighting him. Only lately I discovered stats that are showing kills and not kills. Maybe it would change my later approach.

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