How are you suppose to beat the bandit leader?

I am fighting the bandit leader in the main quest and i just keep dying over and over again. im not using the trick with the arrows and the running. i have tryd it but it just ended worse than fighting him head on. i do not want to go back to an ancient save to spend hours training to beat him. i dont have the time for it and if that is the way the game i suppose to be played i dont want to play it. if anyone knows and tricks glitches or cheats you could use to beat him that would be great

Simply block his attacks or evade em. If u have learned master strike, use it

It takes patience and time. It is what it is. There is one truck though. Start over. Before you do anything else knock kunesh out and take him inside his house and beat him over and over with your choice of weapon class. Very fast way to level up.

Trick that is not truck.

Before you run into Pribyslavitz with an army, find a Cuman in that camp that owns halberd. I believe there are 2. One is in the upper part. I am not sure if any of guys has halberd during big battle, but surely yes then. If you can’t find, there are possibly few in Rattay. Some guards have them. You can easily beat boss with long reach weapon. I did on my 1st Walktrough.

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