How can I fix/repair gambeson parts?

Hey there,

amazing job with the game, mechanics and especially story and the breathtaking lore so far!

But I have one important question: How can I fix or repair cloth-parts, especially like the (Warhorse-)Gambeson? I visited the smith, the merchants and even the tailor and neither offers the ability to fix the condition of clothes like the gambeson. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance

I think I saw a clothes repair option at the bath house… you can get wounds healed and cleaned and clothes mended if i recall correctly.

You can also purchase armor repair kits from traders :slight_smile:

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did you visit the armor smith?
there are 2 kinds of smiths weapon and armor
then there’s the tailor for non-armor clothing

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Think the tailor did the gambeson for me

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Tried all smiths and the tailoer one without success. Same goes with the repair kits… Going to visit the bath house tonight and try it there, though. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I hope you manage to get it fixed… :slight_smile:

When you go to the Tailor, there are 2 people there usually: a Tailor and a Trader. The Tailor is the one who will fix all non-metal based armour. So Gambesons, Lamellar, Etc will be fixed by the Tailor. In Rattay it’s a man, to distinguish from the female Trader in the same shop. Get a Tailor Kit to make repairs before the condition drops below 80%.


Woah, perfect thank you so much!

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I went to the tailor so many times to repair clothing items and never had the repair option. I never realized I was always speaking to the woman who turns out is a trader LOL. Talking to the Dude, the Tailor himself I did get the option so thanx a million for the info. Don’t know how I missed that DUH!


:smiley: @Symo

There are a lot of little things like that in the game, and hopefully over time they will add more.

Oh nevermind this is an old thread with a question already been anwsered.

Tailor for Gambeson etc, but I also believe it depends on the skill level of the merchant. If an item is too badly damaged, certain merchants or artisans can’t fix them, most in Rattay are “Masters” but in smaller places you can;t get it done

Each NPC has a different skill level and there are 2 classes in some professions. E.g. Armourer (higher) vs Artisan (lower)

I had the same problem too but figured out how to repair my Saxon gambeson (after buying 3 because of them always breaking) in rattay there’s a tailor shop, the woman is usually the most obvious one when you walk in but there’s is also a man in the shop as well. The man has the repair option, the woman doesn’t.