How can I get Sir Radzig's Sword Back?(Spoilers)

I killed Runt but he refused to tell me where the sword is. I’ve seen online that it is possible to get it back. Without any major spoilers, is it later on that it is obtained or am I missing something?

Oeuf, I don’t think it’s possible… you’ve been bamboozled, maybe through cheat menu.

Ah XD Thanks anyway

Wait for the sequel or DLC

The only way to get the sword back is buy Kingdom come moneygrab 2


Wait, is this confirmed

lol nah man no confirmation. “moneygrab 2” i like that.

Pretty much as there are so many loose ends, and nothing has a ending so yeah there will be

hope those loose ends are covered later down the line, otherwise the game is riddled with crappy go fetch quests and unanswered questions.

Yeah I hope so, as the current game progressed they added more loose ends as the story went on, no closure at all or anything remotely to do with the opening scene. Seems like and unfinished game released to make money on a sequel imo.

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Thats what i think. Honestly I think the game wasn’t ready to release to the public, and maybe due to revenue issues and a PR nightmare they released an unfinished product with the old “sell now fix later” mentality that surrounds the gaming industry now.

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Literally nothing gets answered…

I wouldn’t even call them go fetch quests… most the time it’s go talk to someone quest and pass a crappy speech test based on if you’ve had a bath that morning. Then ride across country to talk to the next person the first person mentioned… you get so bored I’ve spent most my time in the fast travel screen because every quest sends you across country to speak to some boring git.


Yeah I agree, I was really disappointed with the story of your blacksmith parent as I was expecting a lot more to be told about him, instead we got he lived in Czech Republic fought in a war came to bohemia and looked after you as radzig could not marry a commoner the end. What a joke considering all the mystery they had around him.

And they need to sort out the optional missions when making the trebuchet as doing them has no effect on the story whatsoever instead you can just skip two days and its made. 10/10

Saw Henry’s real mom on the road today.


It’s painfully cliche and wasn’t a surprise to me. I’m horribly disappointed and they still haven’t got xbox patch out so they are obviously failing microsoft cert processes but no ones saying what’s going on.

I love simulation games, survival games, medieval games etc but the thing is this game doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than a landscape based on a real place. What is does do other games generally do better and with less bugs and horrible pop in textures.

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lmao Henrys mom is a right catch

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Hahahaahaha :joy:

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So once you dig the hole… something happens and you see red… well you are in a dream space, if you know the town well enough, run up to your house, then transfer all your items to trunk… run back down hill and it will trigger cut scene… travel back after opening animation crap… and voila, there it is, best one until you “borrow” sir hans’ st george

I just love being in this world. Most games I fast travel, but the game is so beautiful that I wander around everywhere. If you play on ULTRA at 4K it blows my mind.