How can i improve the next sequel of KCD

Hello everyone,
I’d like to talk with you the possible future (even tough I’d prefer that it was the present or near future) that is TRULY NEEDED to keep the original promise of delivering KCD on all the major platforms we all know (and also by improving general performance):

  • Windows
  • Consoles: PlayStation/Xbox
  • Mac
  • Linux

The main goal would be to develop KCD by using another engine that is more reliable than the infamous CryENGINE that has a lot of difficulties for developers to develop in it (there is a joke around the engine that it is called this way because it makes you want to cry when you try to develop on it).
I’m not a developer yet, I’m studying for one day become it (so don’t take my words for granted because I’m not a veteran nor an expert) but from what I learned through reading many threads online today there are better engines compared to the CryENGINE, the most famous is the Unreal Engine 4 that could be a good solution to choose for the following motivations:

  • improving the performance in game
  • keeping a good quality of foliage/forests and in general good details of 3D objects
  • allowing an easier way to develop games for multi-platforms (for example I know that it’s almost impossible to develop games for Linux in CryENGINE because the engine doesn’t support it really well nor the devs that update the engine are interested in a better support for the moment, and then I suppose that is the same story for MAC)
  • Another good idea (this one is a big challenge because it’s really hard to develop on it because it’s still “new” for the industry) it would be to swap the API from DirectX to the new Vulkan API that supports all kind of platforms avaiable and also delivers a better performance among the available choices (and yes UE4 supports this type of API).

Do you think that Warhorse will continue to develop KCD next sequel with the CryEngine?
Do you think there are better choices available today to develop games?
Let me know what you think about it in the comments and maybe who knows one day someone from Warhorse studio will read this thread and remember that they wanted to deliver this game for all the platforms available.

P.S. Yes after I finish studying I’d love to work with them but first I need to finish studying computer science at university :smiley:

They will work with CryEngine almost certainly. At least for another KCD game. I don’t know which engine would be better for KCD. Developers mentioned Cry is better for linear FPS but they chose it because forests look nice. They also had performance issues with massive battles. The cutscene with Cumans attacking Skalitz were actual NPCs put together and horseback fighting was rather simplistic. Graphics are really beautiful and they want to deliver even more demanding game after KCD which is supposed to be for next generation consoles.