How do I complete the Church in From the Ashes?

I’ve built everything else, hired a few experts to get cash flowing and I have 15k in the chest, what am I missing?

Also, I already finished the basic roof repair on the church. Now I just need to complete the restoration.

Once you complete the restoration, just build an alter and fresco’s as far as I recall and Bob’s your uncle.

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It wont let me complete the restoration , my minion tells me " It’s impossible"

Oh. To be honest, I really can’t remember how much coin it took to fully restore. Maybe not enough in the coffer?
Sorry, not much help,really. This forum seems pretty quiet since bannerlord came out, but hopefully someone with a less beer addled mind is still around to help you.

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aimply check the book in the house. Any hook missing?

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It’s been a while, but you can’t just build the church, you have to build everything, then you can finish the church. So if you have anything else to build, build it.

I do have everything built and built the roof on the church but now my minion keeps telling me its impossible to build the rest

At first you have to repair the church (roof). 11,000 Groschen + lumberjack camp
there is a second page for the church.
Next you have to renovate the church: 17,000 Groschen + stones
After this you can create an
1 ) Altar 4.000 Groschen and
2 ) Frescoes 3,000 Groschen
edited, cause roof will be fixed at first step :slight_smile:
15k is less than 17k :wink:

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I have 16k in there now…Lol

I cant read the ledger my tv is having issues at the moment. Thanks for the info

You need 17k. And stones (from the quest)

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That worked :+1: