How do i get out of Talmberg? Please help

So I really like this game, or I really want to, but…

Everything I’ve read on how to get out of Talmberg does not work. I don’t know what is different for people but…

I’m really tired of hearing, just buy a lockpick and Open the chest, because I have no money so can’t buy a lockpick to get armor to escape I really don’t see how anyone can have that much money so far in this game.

The trader definitely does NOT buy stolen goods, so what people say as in ‘steal things and sell them’ just doesn’t work.

I don’t want to jump off the bridge, I want to take the horse and do the quest the way the game says it can be done.

Anyone have any actual success with this?


Take your horse (you have escaped) and jump with the horse off the bridge…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’m trying to do this by obtaining the armor. I got the money from the lord’s wife and bought a lockpick. I’ve watched the videos, and it’s impossible, even on a very easy chest. I am on Xbox. I keep the cursor in the sweet spot 100% of the time and it still fails. It won’t turn past 180 degrees.
Any advice with that? I was told they had issues with lockpicking in this game, and that it had been fixed…

Okay I picked the lock finally, after many reloads. No reason, didn’t do anything different, it was finally willing to go past 180 degrees.