How do I get the bow from "From the Ashes" DLC?


I built the Guardhouse and the Archery Range and I can’t buy the bow from the Archery Master. He has no dialogue to initiate trade. Am I missing a step?


Are you on PC? Do you have any MOC installed?
If yes, try to deinstall the mod / move the MOD folder, and go to the archery master again.

No, the master sells the bow…


I am playing on PC and I have never installed any mods. The only option I have when I speak to him is to start an archery contest.

I tried reloading an earlier save and building the Guardhouse/archery range again, but I still can’t trade with him. Is there a way to just give myself the bow using console commands?


Please make a bugreport to:

Thank you!


I bought it from the archery master, so something is wrong. Reported it.


Yes, same here.

Archery Master not selling anything in my new line game building Pribyslavitz


I think the bow was also in a chest. You can probably spawn it in with cheats on PC?


Or use the mod: Capon’s hunting bow, comes in an 80 & 100 Version with 1 str and dex.


I also have this happening, only option is for the archery contest. I lockpicked the two very hard chests in the guardhouse and they were empty.

I tried a few different build orders but didn’t see any difference.


Until fixed. Bug started with 1.7.0 update.

1.7.1 still not fixed.

Not checked lately with 1.7.2, but probably still not fixed


1.7. Hotfix 1.7.2 - November 21th

  • Many crashes occurring during time skip or jail time fixed
  • Crash in The House of God quest fixed2 only fixed 2 bugs that caused game crashes.


I am currently plaing the “From the Ashes” DLC and just built the guardhouse with the archery range. Actually I ran in the same isse as reported here in this thread. I just can start an archery contest at the bow master.

I play on PC, the KCD version is 1.8.2-247i

Is there already a solution for this, or at least a workaround to get that special bow?

Thank in advance!


Dude, I have been begging the Devs for months about this, It was supposed to be resolved this past patch or the next… Im waiting also.