How do I own a new horse?

I just found a horse at a bandit camp. After clearing out the camp, I took the horse (not stolen) back to Rattay Mill, and I’d like to switch from Pebbles to the new horse, which has better stats. How do I “own” it? I can still ride it, but I want to give it a name, etc.

You can’t. You can buy horses, and there’s a couple ways to get a horse through quests, but that’s it. You can’t make random bandit horses your own.

Buy horses from stables, Ushitz has a really good one - Al-Buraq

I wish we did have the option to keep or sell those random horses, but no. As already mentioned, you can buy horses but tier 5 (like Al Buraq) are very expensive. There are 3 horse farms where you can purchase a horse and trade your current horse for a discount on the price.
I do wish we could adopt and name the horses we find the bandit camps. After all, who will take care of them after we dispatch the bandits? :wink:

Thanks for the replies. I rode Pebbles back to the mill, then walked all the way back to bandit camp to get the other horse and rode it back to the mill itself, and “parked” him inside the barn, but the next morning he was gone. Never found out what happened to him. A shame, too. He had significantly better stats.

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