How do I riposte?

I’m just like so confused whenever I try to riposte. The tutorial really doesn’t cover how to get into the riposte battles. So whenever my enemy counter-attacks me I get owned. Can someone teach me about how to counter attack an enemy’s counter attack? I haven’t been able to find a clear answer online, thanks. :smile:

Its all about timing. Its the same as a regular parry the timing interval is just tighter.

Took me a bit of practice to learn, and I started out by spamming the block button.


So all I need to do is press q again when the enemy attacks? Wow I wish I knew that. Do I have to attack right after to riposte then?

Yep that’s all you need to do, at least in my experiences.

You do not have to attack if you don’t want to.

I have been locked into bouts of counter after counter, personally I step back after a successful parry and allow my stamina to stabilize.

How do i know when im supposed to riposte? theres no indicator at all and the tutorial doesn’t tell me when to time it. It just says at the begggining of an attack

That is really all there is to go by.

Exactly that. We are still experimenting around this, but generally speaking, when the sword is the furthest from you and attacking strike just begins, it’s the best time for a parry (just press Q). As soon as you deflect a sword, it’s the right time for a riposte. Parry is meant to be hard, riposte should be easy. When an enemy made a parry and is counterstriking, again: as soon as his strike starts, press block to parry (the best guidance here is to wait and press the button as soon as the sword starts to move towards you).

If you time it really well, “special parry” occurs. Its riposte is automatic and cannot be avoided (or parried) in any way. (These are those special animations with striking while avoiding etc.)

Important part also is that parry itself costs no stamina, riposte is normal attack with normal stamina cost. So you may parry without counterattacking for a while to regenerate.

Hey Vik thanks for the answer. The thing holding me back is my old man reflexes which is so frustrating. :tired_face: :joy: As you get stronger and your skill increases does the time it takes to parry slow down? Like will I have longer time to react to an attack? I thought I read this somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Yes, it’s an RPG part of the fight.
As you grow in Defence skill, the window for a parry gets longer and as your Sword skill grows, enemy’s animation gets slower. These two systems combine so at the end, larger portion of the attack is a “parry window” and attack itself is longer so it gets much easier to parry someone.
(It depends on the enemy too though. What is important is a ratio of yours and enemy’s skill. Your level higher = easier to block.)

Oh boy…thank goodness. So there is still hope for me being a warrior. I was starting to think I’m so terrible maybe I should consider playing as a bard, or maybe go back to being a blacksmith’s apprentice lol. :smiley:

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I learned it like that:
The enemy puts his sword into position. Then, right at the beginning of the strike he reaches back a bit before striking. That is the moment when I press Q.

Your reflexes are good enough to parry? I’m always too late. The thing that drives me crazy is I know I’m hardly off of parrying it. :rage:

If you have a gamepad, it is currently much easier to play then on Key board and Mouse.

Keep at it, this combat system is hard to perfect your skills but greatly satisfying when you accomplish what you want.

Jep, I’m on mouse and keyboard … many people wished for improvement for that and I think they’ll work on it.
@winningedge101 : I still fail with the harder opponents. It’s a lot of practise.

simply click Q to block. Henry blocks. fine. but where is the counterattack? Is there only little chance for the counterattack? And why do NPCs have such a high chance for a counterattack??? Even if they currently show their back …