How do YOU keep the combat interesting?

So, the combat being as broken as it is in terms of balance and lack of challenge, I just wanted to ask:
What do other players do to keep it interesting? I mean as soon as you learn ripostes, the combat devolves into quick time events. That’s literally what it is. Quick time events. You press a button when the game tells you to and then you win.

Some of the things I’m doing at the moment to make it less boring:
1 ) “Plot Armour is the Best Armour”: Never wear any kind of armour. This is the most obvious one, I guess. It means you really have to get that timing right.
2 ) “The Stop Hitting Yourself Mambo”: ripostes only, never execute any actual attacks of your own.
3 ) “The Mohammed Ali”: float like a butterfly, sting like a motherf****r. Stabs only, optionally using a weapon that has low stabbing damage. Maybe without riposte and parry, dodge only? Edit: fists only would be the obvious extra here, I assume.
4 ) “The One Man Riot Police Squad”: only use a club. Lukewarm on that one, it’s an extra challenge but it takes a loooong time to get things done.

Thoughts? What do you people do to challenge yourself once the game stops doing it for you?

I use the ‘NoSloMo’ mod which disables the slow motion effect during the perfect block. I also use the weapons I’m less skilled in. It is still challenging, though, even without it. Those bandits with bare arses and clubs who stop you on a road I don’t know what they are thinking. They normally take one hit to kill anyway. On the other hand, if you encounter several high skilled opponents it can be pretty tricky. There is a poachers’ camp to the northwest of Sasau. I stumbled across it by accident. There are 5 or 6 of them, and they gave me really tough time. I was quite surprised, because at that point I was pretty sure that I was invincible.

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Use the Ultimate Realism Overhaul mod… Hard as hell.

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Thanks for the replies, I’ll give those mods a shot. To be perfectly honest, since everyone on here keeps complaining about the lack of mod support, I wasn’t aware that such things existed. Very happy to be wrong on that.

One thing I do is ride my horse into battle spawn area, dismount on the edge and then try to thin the ranks until the threat is neutralized. It can get dicey with bandit vs bandit/Cuman battles if you dismount too close to the center of activity. Auto lock and stamina drain can make survival a real challenge

There are 100’s of mods here on the nexus. It’s awesome. Most are really easy to install too. There is even a mod configuration app you can download that detects mod compatibility issues.


I honestly think a lot of it is about patience. I’ve been using a longsword for most of the game and I just fight in bursts. Test their defenses, and when something connects you pump it for everything it’s worth, and if they get their ground back you back off and let your stamina recharge. Rinse and repeat.

I still find challenging battles.
Ive completed bandits and raiders quest and now on interlopers.

I get ambushed by fully armed and armored bandits now.

Fighting 6 well armed bandits i need all my skills and gear.

Oh yeah! I have also downloaded the “roads are dangerous” mod and now I don’t ever get my arse outside without a lucerne hammer :laughing: When there are six well-armoured bandits with polearms, the combat is likely to be interesting, if not too short.