How Historical Accuracy Became a Euphemism



It needs a lot of intelectual effort in order to call historical inaccuracies historically accurate :slight_smile:

It fact this should not be a political question at all. Developers create a game and playersbuy it or not. Some developers think that more players will buy historically accurate game, some think that they will sell more if game only draws some inspiration from history. It used to work in this way - not only in gaming, but also in novels and movies.

Current way of making everything political reminds me our central european communists from previous century. In communism, everything had to be political. It was very serious sin to be apolitical. Even when writing something as harmless as cookbook, you had to include some statement about how great is Soviet Union and how everything is better with communism. Current behaviour of western SJWs is very similar.


Great observation. Historical accuracy or historically inspired? Way to many games try to be politically correct, we have seen games banned in some countries due to the governments opposition to views or opinions in the game (also books and movies).


DICE and Creative Assembly just want to make money. The article is lazy. It just critiques and really doesn’t offer up much actionable info like the notion of design porn.

Re: SJW and KCD. Maybe it is political, but it’s shallow and self-centered (bordering on narcissism). And therein lies a mostly irresolvable conflict … games are meant to be fun or at least enjoyable. A treatise on socio-political assymetries and the exploitative nature of feudalism (even if less virulent in Bohemia than elsewhere) rendered as software is likely neither to be very fun nor enjoyable