How is the game coming?

Hey everyone. I haven’t played this game in a long time now, probably since they released the tournament arena. How much has it improved with bugs and cities loading in and such? And how is Womans Lot? Worth updating and getting back into?

Its great, i have it on ps4 and have had minimal issues. Its less buggy than Fallout or Skyrim but definitely has bugs here or there and so far all the dlcs have been “worth the money” , imo. I particularly like the tournaments in Rattay, it makes earning money less annoying.

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Greetings. I also play on the PS4 and have all of the dlc. A Woman’s Lot (I’ve only played Theresa’s part) is very intense in a good way. The new dog companion that it added, is really awesome Of the other dlc I’ve completed are From the Ashes, and am almost finished with The Amorous Adventures, both of which I’ve enjoyed very much! The arena add-on is good. They seem to have fixed quite a few of the bugs since the content was released. I am enjoying the game quite a lot.


PC “player” here,

rather, I’ve been living in medieval bohemia for about a month now. Definitely worth coming back to. Womans Lot is one of the best stories in Gaming in 2019. Both chains are great and a really emotional experience… unless you’re Henry. He’s a still a sociopath.

Bugs are reduced considerably, I haven’t noticed any for a long time. I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find some, I can’t see em though.

I Play on High settings with a GTX 960 4gb (2 usable through known Bus issue… thx Nvidia), 16 GB ram, SSD and 4th gen I5 Cpu.

Game generally runs smoothly, some light stuttering in Ratty when I charge through it on Warhorse Jenda. Also I am running Google Chrome in background and that’s a memory sink, so I doubt I’d have problems if I stopped watching por… netflix.

Get back into it fellow Henry, Bohemia awaits!

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Good to hear! I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption story completed and now online, but its lacking in content and I have gone back to skyrim with realism mods and it made be think about this game. I’ve gone through main game like 1.5 times, completed most missions and did the From the Ashes DLC when it dropped but havnt returned since. Glad to hear they’re continuing to work on it and make it the best it can be. Thank you for the replies everyone!

I have been pushing this game onto to people I’ve met over the last while and I remember it being really fun but rather buggy. I always found it more fun than buggy but buggy none the less. I may just get back into it. I eagerly await the next game in the story.