How is the latest patch?


Some of you may remember this forum back in February/March of this year, and how nothing was discussed but how badly the game needed finishing. There were lots of angry customers, myself included.

Personally, I reached the 50 hour mark in the game when it became completely unplayable due to lag. I decided I would simply put the game away and forget about it until the patches fixed the game, because waiting for the developers to release the patches was becoming tedious. Also, a couple of the first patches released actually made the game considerably worse.

Basically my question is this; is it time for me to pick up the game and try again from the start? Or are there still huge issues that make it impossible to finish the game?

I said I would wait a year and come back to it, but I’m looking for something to play over christmas and thought it would be time to give it another shot.


Play now.
Did 1st campaign without ANY bug or crash.
On second one found some minor issues (mainly because I did the quests in unusual way, i.e. instead of escaping from bandits I’ve killed them all before they have captured me).
Now playing just for Cuman killer record (125 and still growing).

Don’t forget to use mods. There is plenty of really good ones.

PS 2
If you played before - Hardcore mode is a must.


I am on my sixth playthrough, honestly I have not experienced any game breaking bugs.


It’s OK now, go for it. Some little glitches may occur, but nothing big.


I got the game right when it came out, started playing, got to Talmberk and stopped because my PC could not run it. I started again 2 weeks ago on patch 1.7.2 (continuing with the old save - I wonder if it will bite me) and have been 83 hours in (according to steam) and have not faced any game breaking bug. I saw few graphical glitches and some “strange” behavior of the NPCs, but I attribute them to the design - either intentions or the limits of the game.