How is the performance of the game these days on PS4?

I bought this game around summertime last year and had a ton of problems with the game as far as glitches and broken things in the game goes. Bad pop in, plastic npc’s that would take a bit to load while you stand in front of them, the dirt and torn clothes system not working, etc. I followed the game for awhile and followed news on the newest patches but after many updates I couldn’t play anymore. I still had problems with the game everytime they would release a patch and decided to put the game down for awhile. This was like around october or something.

How is the game these days? I know a lot of fanboys roam these boards and give false information so to anyone who has been playing and keeping up with updates, how is it?

Graphics downgrades

I just got the game about a week ago. Based on your description, not much has changed.

I have it on the PS4 and the pop in is quite ubiquitous. Sometimes things won’t ever pop in. And occasionally I get permanently invisible objects (like arrows or things NPCs interact with).

I’m enjoying the game tremendously, however.