How is this game still broken, after all this time?

Decided to try and play this game again, figured the bugs and issues would have been fixed like any reasonable person would assume. Booted it up and started a new game. Frame rate crashed from 60 during opening cutscene to 15 (my pc is FAR more powerful than “recommended” settings on steam store page.) Open the door to go outside and the textures of the thatch roofs are bugging out and flashing rapidly. The tree outside Henry’s house is shaking wildly, after a few seconds the frame rate drops again to single digits.

A few seconds later the game crashes entirely due to some XGI error. I must say, I am deeply offended over this. I spent $60 on this game and we were given assurances that it was being fixed over a year ago after the launch disaster. I see no progress when it comes to fixing this unholy mess, the fact that its still so broken feels criminal to me. Even more disturbing is seeing all these threads on here from people saying the same things, that the game is STILL broken.

This leaves two possibilities to me. Either the devs simply dont care/arent willing to spend the time needed to fix this, or they arent capable of it/dont know how to fix it. Regardless, I’ll never give my money to Warhorse studios in the future. If this game was instantly abandoned despite huge backlash at launch, Id be a fool to believe next time would be any different.


check the temperature of your CPU. I burned my CPU and graphics card with KCD last year :smiley:

There is something abnormal with your hardware or software setup. What you’re describing is not a typical situation at all.

You either have hardware issues or are just unlucky.

I’ve had similar issues. stopped playing this game since May 20th of 2018 due to massive crashes and lock ups. and my hardware at that time was top end stuff and massive water cooling to keep things well within most ideal temps.
my new attempt at KDC ends in a black screen hard lockup. making this the first locked up game on my new machine. which is a 9900k Intel and asus Formula XI motherboard, 32gb teamgroup darkpro ddr3200 cas14
two NVME 970evo 1TB drives for system use and other for primary games
three SSS 850evo
ax1600i corsair psu
2080ti with ek nickel block
EKWB pump and two ek360mm rads
my temps are very very low.
running 4K all maxed out ultra settings and still looks pretty on PG27uQ

was playing womans lot, and black screen happens then i hear a USB disconnect sound…computer is hard locked. kinda crazy imo.
is there any reason a sound/dac may cause this. I do have windows sounds @24/192k but never had any issues with any programs or games. KCD is the only buggy software. and this is on three difference machines i’ve tried.

I think this game is unusually heavy for both CPU and GPU and probably will cause instability if there is anything wrong with the HW, more likely than most games. I don’t think there are bugs in the game itself that cause the whole system to die unless there is some underlaying driver of HW problem.

The game is not broken, but it is still bugged and feels unfinished. With unfinished I mean the life in the towns. NPCs have all the same animations, walking around without a goal, have all the same body meshes, no fat people, no children, their daily routines looks scripted and not very complex. No horse ridind NPCs and all such things. The world feels extremely limited. Why in times of 64-bit engines, 12 core CPUs, 16 GB RAM and RTX 2080. Hardware could not be the problem, so why all these limitations? In 2001 games had more complex life.

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First, you should post some hardware infos of your pc specs.
Nobody can even tell what’s going on without investigation.
PC is a complex theme and with over 100k configuartions nobody can make support

Hardly anything to do with HW, more that it is not economically viable to implement such non-essential features that few will require or even notice. This game was done by small team with limited money and they had to have laser focus purely on essentials in order to finish this game.

Of course some studios like Rockstar can dump a quarter of a billion $ on a game like GTA and then it will have more details for sure.

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How wrong you are. This sounds like more money and greater team means better games. The contrary is fact. If you take a look at the best games ever made, they are all developed by a small team with little money. And Kingdom Come had 100 people working on it? And a budget of 37 million? That’s AAA.

And GTA is crap.