How is this Still a thing - Loading Screen Bug

So this is still a thing the beta was released for backers back in March 2015 - thats 5+ years ago and it was an issue then, i would have been pissed if i hadn’t got this from Humble as part of the monthly - how has this not been fixed yet and you guys keep selling more and more DLC’s fix the system or better yet just scrap what you have and go at it from scratch i can honestly say you should have more experience on how to fix it or do a much better system at this time . Its not a hard system you are storing records to a file thats it. Even better would be if for some reason you are unable to resume the previous save - keep a hard file for your assets, and the ability to start a new playthrough at that unlock point with whatever random npc/Item that has been killed that’s causing the loop to be a fresh spawn. You have a engaging and thought out story mode that is great time to play, a beautiful engine and setting, but the entire thing is being written off as a POS because of a MAJOR progression bug that hasn’t been fixed in 5 years.