How it come Uzhits doesn't have a blacksmith?

The biggest facility in Uzhits is the stables. There are a plenty of farms as well. A windmill is stationed nearby. Last, but not least, is the church under construction. And you want to say, there is no work for a blacksmith?

I have spent some years in a rural area and there was a blacksmith. He was fixing the plows and forging the barn hinges and huge nails, as well as messing with horses and other animals (his wife was a vet doctor). And it wasn’t an Amish settlement, but a normal Soviet village in the eighties.

Mentioned this months ago. Seems very dumb to me.
Samopesh has one and there is nothing to do there after they pulled the beta mission out of it.

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given the stable there, pretty much expected. made odder by presence of smithy as part of Pribyslavitz stable

Im hoping samopesh will be utilized more in the BoB dlc

There is a smith in Uzhits, he’s just not available as a trader. There already is a thread the same as this. I’m with 0swald, it’s really a bummer that there is nothing to do in Samopesh.