How KC:D represented gay characters in the game

Thanks for sharing. I don’t think there was any doubt of your ‘conclusion’ and trust it is not a big deal for anyone. Haven’t seen anyone raise an eyebrow either in the forums I frequent.

it doesn’t seem so no! I haven’t seen it talked about much besides the article angry that istvan was a villan.

In medieval Bohemia you wouldn’t want to say you’re gay because then you’ll die.

No, this is incorrect. Medieval Bohemia was very tolerant towards gays. An ‘active’ gay was considered okay, a ‘passive’ gay was not encouraged, but being one would definitely not lead to any consequences beyond some teasing maybe. Besides, how would you like to know that real Sir Radzig was a passive homosexual? He is recorded in the so-called ‘Prague book of names’ as a lover of the king Wenceslaus, not just a favourite, but a lover, literally. Also, the correspondence between them confirms that. So it was not extraordinary to be a gay in medieval Bohemia, nor it was dangerous. Of course, you wouldn’t shout about that at every corner, but what sane person would do it in any epoch? What happens in one’s bed is their own business.

Thank yo for that info! I was going by general rules; i.e sodomy being punishable by death in various regions in medieval times. This is really intersting and I’ll have to look into it!

Do you have any sources on medieval Bohemia being more tolerant? Not doubting you, just want to look it up myself!

Sorry for the delay.

It’s not to say that I read this exact phrase somewhere. It is more like a conclusion based on information from many sources and conversations with knowledgable people.

Here is an article about Wenceslaus and his sexual preferences. It contains links to sources, but it’s in Czech.

There is also Václav Hájek z Libočan: Kronyka česká. It is written in Latin and there are possibly translations to Czech, but I’m not sure about English. He wrote about Wenceslaus and his general complaint is not that Wenceslaus had gay lovers, but that those lovers were of vile birth.

Besides, there are court and inquisition protocols and there are no cases on gays unlike in England, for example.

For a general perspective on the question, if you are interested, I can recommend a book by Ruth Mazo Karras “Sexuality in Medieval Europe. Doing Unto Others”. But this book is a general view. Please, keep in mind that the Middle Ages is a very long period and Europe is a very big place, so you should never assume things were uniform throughout it.

Cool thanks so much! I can use translator to get a rough idea of what the articles are saying. Much appreciated.

Do you have sources for it? I would really want see that correspondence you mentioned and Radzig listed literally as lover.

That article is pure speculation, based on nothing.
He doesn’t have any children, because he was gay? Really? Having a heir was very important for medieval monarchs, so if you were able to have one, you would, it doesn’t matter if you were gay or not.
Václav Hájek z Libočan is very unreliable source. And sources listed in that article are just some magazines.