How long in between two tournaments?


How long in between two tournaments? I finished the first one and I can’t get the new one. I have been coming back every morning for 10 days and God it is boring. I finished the game and I have nothing to do. I just want to win all the armor parts of Lords of Liepa.


It should only be a week, so you’ve run into a bug.
at this moment the tournament is having alot of issues. I recommend you reading about them in here to try to get around them until a patch is released.
I also recommend starting over on hardcore if you haven’t already, whats the point on getting the armor if it’ll never be used^^

I can not say why the second tourney don’t activate, but several “missable/skippable” steps leads to several bugs.
WH mentions that progressing to far in the tourney without talking to the samopesh blacksmith is a known bug that leads to another failure.


I spoke with the samopoesh blacksmith. Won the tournament and got quest finished for his son. I didn’t find anything. So I saw that the miller has a quest. Went to him. I bet on the tournament. Got a new marker but after coming back for 10 days or more I can’t get a new tournament. Maybe I will try few more days. How many parts of the Liepa armor there is?