How many hours did you put in before you decided to do best if vipers

I tried at 20 something but I had a hard time to I went back to a save an grinded till I was at 53 hours. I fought Runt with level 19 defense. I never had to land a swing or stab, well that an the bane potion on my sword hot him with the counter attacks when I’d perfect block

A lot of it depends on how much you’ve learned to cheese the combat system. Most recent playthough at about 30 hours in, playing mostly as an archer, I only had ~9 sword skill with light armor and beat him pretty handily. First playthough was a harder fight with higher sword stat but lower vitality, strength, and warfighting trying to go at the fight like you would in M&B or mordhau.

I had about 50 hours or so in before moving on I’m just now to where you track down the counterfeiters and I have well over a 100 hours in the game.

Me too, I’m about to begin that quest now.

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Yeah, when I got my ass handed to me me the first couple times I decided it was time to grind. Any tips for archery, I’m struggling to get it to level 5

unironically ~ wh_pl_showfirecursor 1

The fact archery isn’t in true first person makes not having the center dot contrived and stupid. A halfassed way to make it more difficult for no reason, even though arrows still are entirely tied horizontally to where the dot is, visible or invisible. Until a cameraview change mod exists to put you behind the arrow to point shoot it’s just a hollow “hardcore” element.

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Yeah, the archery is really just hip firing

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