How old is Henry?

Well umm yeah how old is Henry? Lol



Here’s where I disagree with the developer’s decision on Henry. Based upon the in-game character’s face, voice and model, you would expect Henry to be in his early twenties. And, in order for him to have romantic relationships, he had to be of legal age in a modern context.

BUT. For the storyline to work…inexperienced kid, apprentice to his father, just starting to wonder about life outside his village, etc…it would have been more accurate to put his age around 14–17. Younger, if we’re talking about actual historical context, but its doubtful anyone would want to play as a 10–12 year old. He should have looked more like Wart from Sword in the Stone.

The whole story arc of growing into a capable, trusted soldier would have worked great as a coming-of-age journey, but the game is temporally locked into a single summer. So, instead of getting to take young, scrawny teenager and work him through into a capable young man, we’ve got this dichotomy of full-grown man with child-like naivete. Personally, I find this jarring, and less a deliberate storytelling choice than a limitation of the developers to build a fully-functioning seasonal weather system.


He’s about 18 years old.

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Hey thanks!!

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I’d say he is about 15. In the very beginning, his mother saying he is about to become a man. 15 was the age of majority at the time.

He also couldve went into comma from runt

15 what a bullshit. He’s about 23.

He should be around 18-23, simply young adult. In 15 they were maybe considered adult by the law, but in 15 you don’t look like grown man with a beard, like Henry. So It’s a bullshit indeed.

I would say Theresa is around 30-35.
And Henry 23-28.

Why you think Theresa is so old? :smiley: She is same age as Henry (or even younger) it’s even said in the game, that they know each other since childhood. I think both of them are something around 20.


Maybe she is meant to be younger story-wise, but she looks old if you ask me. Because I know a lot women older than 30 and they looks like Theresa.
This is why I don’t think Theresa to be attractive. I love 15 year old girls. She looks 20 years too old for me. I’m 31.

I don’t think she looks old, she is just meant to look like a normal plain village girl, not like some sex bomb.
Her look also isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but whatever… Henry likes her :grinning:

(Btw I don’t want to judge, but isn’t 15 too young for you?)

Can someone explain exactly what is going on here?? Lol

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All I wanted to know is how old he is… how did it go to all this???

Well, minds of some people are clearly not all right. Maybe would be better to lock this topic.

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