How old was Sir Radzig when Henry was born?

I’m thinking Radzig was about 16-18 years of age when Henry was born?

I don’t think Radzig is more than 20 years older than Henry. His face looks like someone in their early forties, not someone in their fifties

According to the so called “Prague book of names”, Radzig was born in 1350 (unlike Henry he was a real historical person). Henry is about 21 during the events of the game, so…

definitely older

Henry is about 21 during the events of the game

Really? I thought he and Theresa were about 18 given that, legally, at 16 years old you’re a man in the Medieval period and 14 is womanhood (minimum marrying age) for women, but no modern game rating would let a 16 year old guy fuck a 14 year old girl on screen, ergo Theresa and Henry both being 18 to bypass that law.

If we go by @ilya1502 numbers, Henry would’ve been born in 1382, making Sir Radzig 32 at conception and 53 in the game.

If we go by modern numbers, Henry would’ve been born in 1385, making Sir Radzig 35 at conception.

If we go by medieval standards, Henry would’ve been born in 1387, making Sir Radzig 37 at the time.

Regardless, Sir Radzig is a good thirty plus years older than his bastard son.

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No :slight_smile: After trying to remember it better and discussing with friends, I recall it was said during one of the early streams from WH that he was 19. While thinking about this even more, I’m inclined to say he is around 14-16 just because of his mother’s words “you are almost a man now” which clearly means he is around his mid 10-th. However, the devs have to say he is 18+ for the reasons you mentioned.