How realistic is the income from Pribyslavitz?2

Its a not-totally developed village and yet I’m somehow making over 2k groschen a day? Maybe Henry makes more than a normal lord because he literally paid for all the buildings so all the current inhabitants pay rent on top of their taxes to him? I don’t really know how the economics of medieval villages work. I remember reading being a knight is expensive, which is why many knights would have their own lands with serfs in order to pay for their equipment and horse but henry makes enough to buy literally hundreds of sets of plate armor if he so chooses. Like after a year henry has well over a million groschen and I feel like that’s how much would be in a king’s treasury not some bailiff collecting rents and taxes from a fledgeling village where guards compose almost 1/4 of the population.

Even 2k Groschen a Year might have been a stretch. Let me offer you this: all that money needs to come from somewhere. People who just settle there would usually rather be subsidized (as in no taxes for a year or two) rather than suffer being taxed.

There where many systems, but they were mostly dependant on the region and culture - so i cant say with certainty what the taxing system was used. But historically speaking there where some which were universally used.

Money was mostly made by:
taxing trade (e.g. city gate toll), taxing people and harvest - partially to the church ( and partially to the lord (which again, could be anything) and taxing land (