How realistic is this game?


When I see gameplay videos of combat, I see characters getting stabbed in the face and then nothing happens…
Will there be needs? Like hunger/thirst/sleep and diseases? I’m seeing it being called super realistic and such but it’s not very realistic at all if it’s just another game with Skyrim combat (slap someone with a sword 100000 times before something happens). Will there maybe a hardcore mode? :slight_smile: The game looks amazing but these are the reasons I forgot about Skyrim for 6 years lol

Basically my only worry is the game wont be “hardcore” enough… It’s conflicting and preventing me from preordering RIP

edit: i just read around the forums… apparently the games gonna be limited as hell when it comes to crafting? no smithing? no tailoring or anything?


Hey mate,

The initial concept for the game was certainly aligned to a more realistic approach than other action RPG’s.

Combat is underpinned by real life physics, with various variables and metrics contributing to calculations of a weapons effectiveness against both armoured and unarmoured areas of an opponents body. In the most recent combat videos (for E3 and the like), we’ve been told that enemy statistics had been adjusted and scaled to an unrealistic degree in order to allow for testers to have longer interactions when trialing the various combat scenarios. This is not a true representation of the final iteration of combat. And it is expected that final game combat will be tense, and potentially quite fast paced. But again, the proof will be in the pudding.

Eating and sleeping or the lack thereof will impact Henry’s abilities to function and ultimately his health. Assuming nothing has changed in that regard.

Can’t comment on the inclusion of a hardcore mode. There has been random discussion about this, but nothing has been definitively confirmed that I’m aware of.

Player crafting has been completely stripped back. This was a decision the devs made last year as they decided it best to direct time, energy, and resources to other areas of focus / gameplay. There will continue to be alchemy and Henry will be able to sharpen weapons. He may also be able to repair armour.

No official release on whether or not NPC crafting will be available; as in having the option of an in-game smith crafting a unique piece for Henry to use, rather than him doing the crafting himself.


ooo okay sounds great. I think I’ll give the game a pre order… I was really iffy about the combat and I can live with a stripped down needs system… at least it’s somewhat there. little bummed about the limited crafting but i spose not everything can be perfect


KCD and Warhorse as a studio have shown a lot of promise. I’ve been following the game since 2013, and it’s improved immeasurably along the way… and whilst everyone will have slightly differing expectations, I think no matter what, it’s going to be a very unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

At least… we hope so right :sweat_smile:

No I’m really confident. It’s gunna be solid.


You can poison yourself with spoiled food, direct hit from bow to unprotected head will cause immediate death, you can cause bleeding, you will be chased by guards if they catch you doing criminal stuff. There are realistic lightning and shadows, lighter and darker shadow… Though I saw incorrect shadow inside Henry’s mouth, you can see at the back of his teeth, while there is no light going on.


You may expect blacksmithing in DLC :slight_smile:


You may not. As far as DLCs go nothing has been confirmed so far.


I may be wrong now, but I think one developer mentioned that some of promised content from kickstarter may come in DLC, if they had spare time. And I think somebody mentioned it would be for free, but nothing officially confirmed.


this DLC will be about female character campain :slight_smile: probably we can expect blacksmithing and some other things :slight_smile:


I don’t think this is accurate. The blacksmithing element has been removed from the game, and I doubt we’ll see it in KCD (as DLC addition or otherwise).


They want to add “more quests, and some other stuff which did not made it” as DLC. There is hope.


I didn’t say “this is one true and go *************” :slight_smile: Dan said something about not enough time for do blacksmithing…So I expect it like DLC :ok_hand: Or I am wrong a I will just cry :smile:
I am sure about quests DLC and female character story line DLC :slight_smile:


We can request SUCH CONTENT as DLC, smithing tailoring crafting and such. We would rather choose such because modders can’t create them but devs can andthat’s what exactly we need. Fk facial animations and acting bs.


This should not be a new dissucsion about it but…
are there some final informations about gore and splatter effects?


What I heard last time was, blacksmithing did not work as intended and caused problems, I would not be so positive about blacksmithing. Sure, there is no time, and so it means no more new content added, only optimizing. While blacksmithing was already optimized and they failed. Though, I think most people would like to see blacksmithing at least in DLC, so why would not they try to fix it once the game is released.


There was some answer about it. There will not be excessive blood, because when you hit someone, he will bleed inside his armor, and there are no broken limbs, only blooded clothes.


They said it was more difficult to implement than they predicted and decided to cut it despite their desire to see it in the game since the game actually has to come out eventually. Given how much they wanted to see it in the game I doubt that they would not have it as a priority feature for any DLCs or sequels they might produce.


I don’t think so.


It’s so realistic, that you can actually get killed on your couch or computer chair while playing the game. Is that realistic enough for you? :slight_smile:


Combat Strike 2 fighting game is a video game genre. tthanks