How to change NPC Armors

Hello all,
does somebody knows how to change the NPC armor?
This will be part of my own mod for better balancing but i still not found where to change this stuff.


Assuming you’ve extracted the right .pak files, first you open “soul.xml” (KingdomComeDeliverance…\Libs\Tables\rpg) and identify the NPC you’d like to edit

Take note of the “initial_clothing_preset_ID” then open “clothing_preset.xml” and “armor2clothing_preset.xml” (KingdomComeDeliverance…\Tables\item)

There are two ways to do this: change the preset of the NPC (recommended, the change is individual and won’t affect NPC other than the one you edit) or change the armor included in the preset (not recommended, change will affect other NPC sharing the preset)

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Hi, thx for this nice explanation.
I think the second option is exactly what i need. I want worse armor for every bandit. Are there presets only for bandits or guards?
Do you know a list whish can help me to find the different npc?


The soul.xml contains “soul_name” entry identifying what kind of NPCs and where/how they spawn

For example, bandits have different types depending on their spawn types. Ctrl+F “bandit” and you’ll find some names with “event_spawn” prefix which in my knowledge are those who spawns on random encounters

You can start there and list all of the random encounter bandits, take notes of the presets they are using, and find what sets of clothing included in the preset. The list of “clothing_id” can be found on the KCD fandom wiki or simply Google the unique set of numbers

EDIT: there is also “raubritters” which are the elite version of bandits clad in black brigandine or jupon concealing plate armor and full helmet

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Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: