How to Edit Models

Hey, all, I’ve been messing with Zoul’s armour and trying to make it more like what I think is reasonable for Henry to use. For me, that means no gilding and no golden belt. I’ve succeeded in removing the gilding on everything, but I don’t know how to remove the gold belt from the chestpiece. I tried doing an alpha layer on the texture, but it remains. Is it a mesh I need to edit, or is it a different/separate texture entirely?

Yups it is a little bit different

I would love the house of Zoul arm plate without gold elbows. Please release on Nexus.

I will definitely release the retexture on the Nexus! I’ll update this post when I do (it may take some time since my computer had a catastrophic failure that I need to recover files from.)

Any ideas what I need to do to make the belt invisible?