How To Edit Weapon And Armor Statistics Patch 1.8.1


So I had some mods installed and with new patch some items were not loading so I checked weapons and armor ID’s and they were changed ,so I wanted to get them working and change some statistics on my gear.thought I would share.

Find ID of what you want to change I picked the best sword: db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612

This is for game patch 1.8.1
You need 7zip or similar to open .pak files and edit the files but it would be best to put the modded file in your own mod.If doing own mod you can edit files in any text editor for .xml files

1.Copy the files you need to change to a separate folder-since I am showing example of sword this will be for sword but you can also do armor.

The files are located :KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\Tables.pak\Libs\Tables\item
The files to change are xml file but you can copy tbl files also but leave them blank in your mod:

So you search each .xml file with text editor EG: db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612

For chrisma edit equippable_item.xml and change row charisma=“18” to whatever you want
row charisma=“18” conspicuousness=“0” item_id=“db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612” rpg_buff_weight="" social_class_id=“0” visibility=“0” wealth_level=“0”

For damage edit melee_weapon.xml and change <row attack=“6.5” which is 72 damage to 9.5 which would be 104 damage
row attack=“6.5” item_id=“db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612” slash_att_mod=“1.1” smash_att_mod=“0.15” stab_att_mod=“1.1”

For durability edit weapon.xml and change max_status=“71” to 7100 for weapon last for long time
row agi_req=“0” defense=“11” holster_material="" holster_model=“Objects/characters/humans/cloth/sheath_cin.cgf” is_breakable=“False” item_id=“db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612” max_status=“71” str_req=“12” weapon_class_id=“4” weapon_sub_class_id=""

Anyway you can change whatever you want and I just gave a couple of examples but try it yourself and set you own numbers to what you want.
Dristen compiled the list of Item Names/IDs/Types into a searchable table for easy use