How to fight?


Well, this is quite embarassing for me.
I am at the very beginning, when you run away from your village, and one enemy is pursuing you. Am i supposed to kill him or just flee? Cause i tried a lot of time, but can’t for the sake of me hit him :frowning:


Your character literally wields proper sword for the first time in his life, you have some T-Shirt instead of armor and have terrible trauma of losing your parents - you should run, not fight with armed professional! :smiley:

It will take a long way before you will be ready to go 1v1 with cuman warrior, start with bandits after prologue and get decent gear and stats (and skill)


Ah, ok, so it wasn’t me being retard :smile: or at least, not only that :smile:

Though i managed to hit him once, right after i wrote this topic, lol.


yeah, to be honest, hitting him once probably didnt even dent his armor :smiley: I once managed to score around 6 hits, and it didnt even damage his health bar.


Do just as the quest name says. :wink:

But maybe you are a true warrior and can smash all those cumans.