How to find free armour or weapons

Hi im new in the group and i used to play this game w my mates last year we have completed the hole history but now I switched my console and i lost my saved games and i started a new one, and i was wondering if there is any places like i could finde armour and weapons for free or just some camps that i could go and kill the bandits and steal their loot.
Regards kushboy

once you get pebbles, during the stud farm quest, break away and head back to skalitze, ride to the side of the gate, and creep in theres always askirmish there, when you creep through the gate head left and hide for 5 real time minutes, peek through the fence make sure the surviving bandits have all left, there should be 3 then creep in and pillage the dead, do this every couple of game days seel what you don’t wear and you’ll pick up a few thousand silver to boot.

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Well, there is tons of ways of getting “free” stuff in this game. My suggestion for a new player is to start stealing everything.
Learn how to lockpick the hardest locks. Also to speed this up, get the perk that allows your lockpicking level to be boosted whenever your drunk(at the cost of being more noisy).
Once you are able to unlock those very hard locks, you can just steal everything. Of course this is a problem when it comes to guards since they will check you for stolen goods(you could try bribing them everytime or something). This especially happens when you steal from a shop’s chests and will make guards much much more likely to start searching you.

The alternative but this will take a long time, is to search for all the hidden treasure chests in the whole map. This can be done by googling a guide to find them…Or just look at the map which has every location(and more). This will net you some serious starting cash and some legendary weapons/gear. This requires a ton of lockpicking(mostly lockpick skills but some others) in order to open those chests… so keep that in mind.

If your not in the mood for all that, you can also do the quest line for the band of bastards. The very last mission will give you access to the best armor in the game(simply kill the “lord” and take his armor but i suggest waiting until the band leaves since the sometimes attack you even though your looting enemies.

=========Theiving Guide for Rattay(other cities/shops apply also)=========

My solution is to simply run and put all stolen goods in your chest and sell them to fences(Millers will buy your goods, and after a couple days or so, they will turn those goods into cash for buying even more of your goods…and then you can even go into the miller’s lock chests and steal the gold they have!

The easiest places to steal are Rattay’s Armor, Weapons, Clothing, and Alchemist shops(you could steal the entire shops inventory if you are willing to walk slowlyyyy to your chest and the drop everything off there).
This is especially true for the Armor shop which has the most expensive items of the four. During the quest when you are drinking with Capon at night, he will eventually give you a key to the back of the shop. After you complete the quest, you can keep the key. The Armorshop’s chests are in the room RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR YOU FIRST WALK INTO! So go around back the shop and go up the stairs, use the key(or lockpick if you don’t have it), and then as soon as you crouch into the door(you’ll want to be sneaky the whole time), open the door directly to your right and then close it…then loot all the chests for the best items(or do what I do and loot everything…then spend 5minutes sneaking past guards/bribing them/talking your way out of it to get back to your chest).

Few key things to remember:
First, wear clothes that are the least noisy… visibility isn’t as much a problem as noise is. Since most of the time, you’ll be hidden behind a door looting anyway.
Second, make sure you are doing this at night. Around midnight should be a good starting point to rob all the shops before morning.
Third, make use of the millers and sell off what you can for some gold…then wait a few days and do it again to make even more gold…then you can buy the items with your actual hard earned money.
Alternatively, wait a long time(days-weeks depending on the value of the stolen item) until its no longer marked stolen. Then you can use it as if you bought it!

Quick notes on the stores:
Armor shop was covered above, but this is the easiest shop to steal from at night in my opinion. Just be careful of the guard that is guarding that area(cellar).
The weapon shop chests is quick to get into also. Go around the side. Once you go into the side door, the first door on your left(right as you walk in), has the chests.
The clothing shop can be even easier if your stealthy and don’t get caught opening their main door. The chests are in the back room(only door inside you can really get to).
Lastly, the alchemists shop is simple to steal from also. My suggestion is to go to the alchemy table room around back. Then the door that leads towards the shop in that room has the 2 chests to open. You can even be brazen enough to do it during the day…however the guard will usually hear you so this is a late game/heavy stealth required type of thing. Just do it at night.

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Damn, so many thieves around.

Just get a horse and a bow and kill some cumans.
Then walk away as shown on the image.

Using XXXL random encounter mod helps a lot because there’s a cuman or a bandit behind almost every tree.

I should’ve added, if you want to get items really easy and for free in an instant…and dont mind cheating that is…Download the cheat mod for this game and just spawn all you want :slight_smile:

Just hop on a horse, find a skrimish (there is one allways in skalice) Lure the skrimishers into pursuing you, then just ride with the horse back and forth and swing your sword, until you kill them all. If you do it properly they will disperse and you can just kill htem one at the time, but be aware, if you disperse them too much, some of them will despawn. I did it with my first horse, and got rich quite fast, and got points to fighting riding and sharp weapons as a bonus.

Just make sure when you go back to Skalitz to be well armored the bandits there will be men at arms. I would suggest going to the Captain in Rattay and do the bandit raid quest and after that one the ones in Talmberg and Monastery. Will be tons of loot and Henry will improve his stats as well from the fighting also progressing in the game. The easiest way is getting treasures from chest they are all over Bohemia.