How to get a PROPER refund?!


Ok, so I paid the 50$ price ago and now they decided to put the game’s release close to the Halo universe time. I ain’t waiting that long and I also want to invest the money into something else I’ve decided to. So I searched the forums for "How to get a refund?"and all I see is “Don’t worry! The game is coming soon! No need to refund! Be patient! You have to pay the release price if you do it!” Get that thing off me. I didn’t ask “Should I get a refund”. I have already written to and they decided to reply me after a day or two and then…totally ignore me. Now I will be making a 3rd attempt to refund but I am kindly asking you guys, how to do that.


Their community manager is on vaction, so it might take longer time I guess. AFAIK they refund everyone who asks for it, so you don’t need to worry.


When did you buy the game? They announced the release date a while before E3.

We see a quite a few threads popping up, asking for a refund. Im just wondering what people think, they were okay with buying a game that is still in development, going through the development and when a release date is announced they want their money back.

They are ofcourse allowed to do so, but I just think it’s strange to see this. I always thought people would atleast inform themselfs on the things they are buying, especially early access/kickstarter games.


Again, I get no answer to my question.


He. Is. On. Vacation.

Hold your damned horses.


Many people ask the same question and get refunds.

I appreciate that you’re frustrated. As mentioned, your request has coincided with the vacation of the person that is necessary to get this done.

Nobody here in this thread has tried to talk you out of it, etc. Please don’t make other people stand proxy for other members who did that. We didn’t.

I also appreciate that people’s priorities change and you want to put your money elsewhere. That’s your prerogative. But If a piece of advice might be accepted, think through purchases more carefully in the future and this can’t happen. Videogames are luxuries. More discipline with money can help with more important purchases.

I hope you get your money back soon.


I simply don’t udnerstand why they give refunds…

You either donated money true kickstarter to support the development… and it might fail, some kickstarters do.
Or paid up front for a game that was still in development…

Games get delayed, that is normal.


Hello @Bosswave,

I am back from vacation now. I have taken a look at your profile. There is already a note about the refund and your case is at our financial department right now, and still in progress. Your request is not ignored.


Hello @Bosswave, you should be refunded now. The money should be on your account soon.


To the developers and to Bosswave,

As a customer that as paid significantly more than you, Bosswave, I along with other donators/supports of this development I think that NO refunds should be allowed plain and simple!!!
The reason for no refunds shall be granted, my opinion only, is that this is how they gain funds to create this game which will be I think extremely good and if not hey it happens.

You, Bosswave along with others that request a refund crack me up but same time make me laugh at you lol, as you all must try this all the time like buying a pail of ice cream and want it for free so you eat part of pail of ice cream and forgot you left it in the sun and now the rest of the ice cream has melted - let’s take the ice cream back and get a refund WTF people - think before you purchase something.

waiting for the snide remarks from those…


You both crack me and make me laugh too! Who would be this bored to go to a post, read it, see that opinions are not needed and POST an opinion?! In the BEST case you are just a crazy fan about a game without a brain. Unlike you though, I can manage my money well, and I have decided to use the money from the game that would just sit there for no reason. Not only will the game cost the same price on release, but it will also grant me little to nothing for the support I have given it. I’d rathed participate in a chairity than to just give them more money like they don’t already have it. You are being extremely ignorant and stupid to think that refunds should not be available. I decided to back them up to help them release earlier.Since that did not happen, I stopped doing it. Very interesting “they gain funds to make a good game, if not hey it happends” ?! What the heck? That is a sign of poor money managing skill already!Also, I already have my refund, so I won’t bother reading your response.

Ah ,and also, the part from the ice-cream I ate was rotten.


If he wants a refund, he gets a refund. This isn’t an opinion post either. And his question was answered a long time ago, and his refund was received. The fact that you’re here posting shit like that, is ridiculous.


You think you’re entitled or something?


At last! Thank you!


Since the issue has been resolved, there is no point in continuing this discussion.