How to get an "A Woman's Lot" as a backer reward for console

I know that that to get “A Woman´s Lot” as backers reward I should contact support. I have contacted them on the 27th of August and newer received any answer other than an automated response that they have received “exceptionally high volume of requests”. It’s being nearly 5 months now. They can’t be so overwhelmed by requests…

But have anyone managed to receive “A Woman´s Lot” as a backers reward? How?

Hello, I send you a PM, please take a look :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this sorted out!

Hi DrFusselpulli. I have the same problem like Sydemarix, wrote multiple E-mails to the support team, but never got a reply back. Any clue how to get the DLC for PS4 as a backer? Thanks in advance for any help provided.