How to get Beta/Alpha access?


Can someone tell me how to get access? I really want to play


You have to purchase it here:
afterwards, you should be able to get a CD key in which you activate on steam( )
you can activate the game by opening steam, clicking “+ Add a Game” on the bottom left>>“Activate A Product On Steam”>>“Next”>>“I Agree”>>Paste the product code into the box>>click Next>>Now install and have fun! :wink:


First choose your tier and pledges.

After this log in and get your Steam code.

Go to your Steam page.
On the top menue you have “Games” and then “Activate a Product on Steam” there you will find the place to put in the Code.


There is no better way to explain this.


How about pre-ordering it on steam ? can i still get the code for the beta ?


Hello @xSeraph,

no you can´t get the beta anymore.
Beta was a bonus for the kickstarter backer/ very early supporter till August 17.

If you pre-order now on Steam you get the additional (ingame) armor as a bonus.


With pre order , can i test play the game ?


Nop, you can’t, sorry…