How to get through henrys dream?!?!

SPOILERS…im at the point where I’m playing henry in some sort of dream state and the screen is all black and red, you can hear is mom yelling for help somehwere BUT YOU CANT SEE ANYTHING!!! I’ve been wandering around for 30 minutes what am I supposed to do?

smash the shadows with yer sword

I don’t see any shadows? where?

Holy smokes this is driving me insane. I don’t see anything, I killed those “ghost guards” or whatever…i’ve been everywhere and i see nothing else. I just keep getting transported back to the center of the village if i wander too far/

Use the compass…

There was nothing on the compass, i had to quite and reload and then it was there. Just another bug

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Like always, please send a bug description to:

Thank you!

After the patch and this is still bugged. You did some good things Warhorse, but also some real shite things like this. Fix it at least proper.

Those playing on hardcore, just keep calm and pay attention to the compass as you move through the red. The WP will show up when you get near. If I remember, it is to the left of where you first kill those shadow Cumans. Stick to the road and watch for the WP icon on compass. If compass is not there, try going too far out a few times. Eventually, it will show up.