How to get your badge


Hello there community. Because we have this problem pretty often I would like to present a little manual. Sometimes the problem is on our side indeed, but in some cases you didn’t get your badge because of a wrong approach. These small steps describe “How to get a badge”:

  1. You NEED an account with an actual pledge (whether from KS or our HP) at even if you are a Kickstarter-backer. If you actually are, use the EXACT e-mail you used at Kickstarter (the Kickstarter code is already useless so feel free to toss it). The accounts will merge.

  2. Create an account at using the EXACT mail you used at The accounts will merge again.

  3. Be full of joy because all accounts merged and your badge appears (soon - it sometimes takes several minutes/hours)

If you followed at least step 1 and 2 but nothing happened – after waiting at least 6 hours, please contact our Community Manager @DrFusselpulli (for example via PM) or send an e-mail to



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