How to install?

#1 Cant get this to work help too unclear gerard just make video
EDIT. nvm it works


Doh just sent you PM back,for others in the description there is a

Trouble shooting Area

If you are not able to change and save textures in game advance graphics menu follow instructions below

  1. Navigate to: C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\kingdomcome\profiles\default
  2. Open the file attributes.xml with a editor (like the windows editor or Notepad++)
  3. Change<Attr name=“wh_r_HDTextures” value=“false” />to<Attr name=“wh_r_HDTextures” value=“true” />
  4. Save the file ( set it to read only if you want)
  5. Go to Kingdom Come Deliverance\Data Folder
  6. Open pak.cfg with Notepad ++ and add the line “data\zzz_optimized_graphic_presets.pak” (without quotation marks) at the end of the file and save.(set it to read only if you want)

A.No health bar in game-Press escape button on keyboard twice
B.Textures not loading properly-advance menu select high and apply-then select your original setting and apply
C.If you are having weird issues(Cut scene not correct) You need to update or match the pak.cfg with the correct patch number of the game.
See video for where the patch number for the game and pak.cfg file

New update added Oct 25 2018 add these two lines of the new patch to the pak.cfg file in KingdomComeDeliverance\Data

New update was added Feb 5 2019