How to kill straightway without knocking down?ko

Hi can someone tell me how to kill like i said in a title? I mean in normal fight with a sword…

You mean holding F which executes stealth kill? That on PC, dunno about consoles.

You need level 5 in stealth, then choose the perk. From there, you should see the button prompt. You might need to hold it down, not just press it.

And you should have a dagger (in the inventory, doesnt need to be equipped)

Every time I fight with some armored bandits some of them get up after i beat

there is a perk, that knocks out your enemy for some seconds, when u hit him on the head

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Thank you very much

It’s called Headcracker. You need to wear down your opponent quite a bit first if he’s stronger than you, so be careful. It works best on people without armor, or who have a lower strength stat than you. Just move your cursor to the top of the combat flower, and click LMB. This will make you chop down on the guy’s head. Stabby to the flabby face doesn’t quite work as well, if at all.