How to level up with dog training?

So i killed houndmaster (who was able to teach dog training), dont ask why i killed him, fine i tell you, he attacked me because he noticed i had stolen horse (not hes horse), like it was some of hes business… Anyway i tried to flee but had to kill him before he kills me, and now suprise surpise he doesen’t show up anymore so how else can i get my dog skill up? It would be fun to raid bandits with him. Couldnt find any books about this skill.

Feed your dog, take care of him, give him orders.

Good way is hunting. (Lord Capon had no chance to win :smiley: )


Where was the houndmaster? Where can I find him?

Isn’t it Herman who teaches it?

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Herman, the executioner from Rattay. Alright. Thank you!

The Huntsman in Rattay close to the Blacksmith also gives training on houndmaster.


Go into the forest, shoot some hares, and have Mutt fetch them for you.

Then you move a short distance, and have him fetch the same hares to your new position. Move and repeat the procedure on and on again.

Every fetch will earn you XP in the Houndmaster skill.

Thanks for the tips, now i’ve got it leveled up and hopefully he’s soon able to defend me. All tho i finnished Theresas dlc and and dog attack is not as affective as i though. It was still helpfull when you have to all the sudden fight against multiple enemies.

Another thing, if i start dlc about Hans Capon, how long is it gonna be, and does it mean i cant play other quests at same time? Ok one more queston, is there way to replace first horse with cuman horse? I mean inventory and all. Maybe i try to kill him, poor Pebbles, but he is slow as fuck compared to any other horse.

How could you even think of killing poor sweet Pebbles, lol!? If you train up your horse riding and get him some new gear you can improve his speed, courage and carrying capacity quite a bit. Military horseshoes gives the biggest speed boost. Also a better saddle helps with speed and carrying capacity.
Pebbles can be traded in for a discount on a new better horse at the stables in case you didn’t know. To answer your question, I have not been able to transfer my inventory to a random horse that is found at a bandit or Cuman camp.

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Amorous Adventures can be played while doing other quests, there is no enormous time pressure (at least between activities), and the whole thing can be played extremely briefly if you choose (though by sidestepping all of the challenges and content you do obviously shorten that playthrough of the content significantly).

As with many other quests there are many different ways to skin many of the cats, and the more involved ones are usually most interesting - though there are opportunities for sneaky alternatives which can simplify the later stages which can be fun too if that suits your playstyle.

To see everything in the game you have to do several playthroughs - and more than that actually make different choices and play differently for some of the alternatives. “Failure” is sometimes the more interesting of the options.

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