How to make archery not suck (SPOILERS)


A lighter bow is easier to control, especially with lighter arrows.

But they do far less injury, especially against armour… but don’t automatically assume the heaviest bow, with the most damage is the best. Experiment and see what right now is the optimal combination for Henry (and you).


starting off with cuman bow not best weapon choice


i think thats suppose to simulate “air” but its a little absurd. u barley even see an arrow when it flys at least if your shooting 10-20 yard shots obviously… if your launchin it then ya u can make an arrow soar for a bit…


How do you get more archery exp? I get 2 per shot and for some reason I can’t find the huntsman in Talmberg and the one in Rattay will only train my hunting


you’re right, sorry for the salt


Let’s face it, archery is shitty in this game

Just because something isn’t easy does not make it “shitty”. This game focuses heavily on realism and immersion, with that said the archery shooting perspective is spot on Reference this post for a better understanding. It’s something that both requires in-game skill & equipment (to reduce sway/arrow drop) as well as player skill (visualizing the crosshair, releasing at the right moment). I personally love and welcome the mechanic, it’s an aspect of the game that can be mastered with practice - something player’s like myself and many others look for in a game like this. Skyrim on the other hand is from a triple-A game company that caters to a much broader audience which includes all types of children, teens, and adults. This game is for a niche community who prefers realism, immersion, and challenges; something that is difficult to find in today’s game market. I for one thoroughly enjoy the archery system they have implemented.


In real life, as a kid, I was quite good with a bow. It took practice. Today I target shoot rifles for fun. It takes practice, even with sights and missiles that fly much faster and ‘more true’ than an arrow.

Doing “real” things in a videogame is often deceptive. If there was a videogame that actually simulated how difficult it is to be accurate, off-hand, with a rifle, there would be a lot of “this sucks” complaints.

In KC:D there’s a few things going on re: archery. I love how the skills progression works by the way.

We have Henry’s skill. We have the player’s skill. We have the quality of the bow and the quality of the arrow. We also have hardware variability- the TV or monitor you use to see Henry’s world.

Of all of these, player skill is the most frustrating thing. Let’s face it- not everyone is going to be good at the personal skill, just like real life. hardware variability could possibly be an issue at long range.

So my advice is- stack the deck in your favor. High quality bows and arrows will give the best result. At low level, poor quality equipment hampers Henry as much as low skill. And if you’re on PC, get a mod for an archery reticle. Personally I don’t use one; it’s the same to me as when I was 12 and shooting a bow and arrow at camp, but in a game, I feel the reticle should be an option.


Lockpicking is easy as hell as long as I am of a level that I can handle the lock. Archery is much more difficult for me. I am level 11 or 12 and still routinely miss. Still a fair amount of bow shake (strength is more than adequate for the bow) but not nearly as much as at lower levels. A lot of that is me though, and I am good with that. IMHO much better than the no drop no waver laser guided stuff that we usually get.


Yes, the archery is actually really good in this game- just hard to begin with. I used to take 10 shots sometimes to hit a hare, now usually get it with the first arrow.


I’m certainly open to there being possible improvements in KCD’s archery, even though I’m doing fine with it.
That’d be the first time though that I’ve heard Skyrim’s “learn in 5 minutes and then never miss again in 200 hours” archery referred to as challenging lol.
For KCD I’m perfectly happy with the level of difficulty, it’s only a few annoying quirks that I think could have been done better - trails and exaggerated arrow drop add nothing but frustration IMO.

Edit: any changes should probably take as a goal not making mounted archery more insanely OP than it currently is. I mean c’mon, currently I can wipe out whole camps with zero risk (and yes, I understand just fine how “insanely OP” it was IRL, but it’s not great for gameplay).


Press ~ for console. Use console command: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 (so you can see where you are aiming)
Then play the ‘Chumps’ game at the Ledechko archery range untill your bow lvl 15 or over.
The game gives you a bonus to skill when you win the game.
You need a good bow, and some str / agi to equip it. Do fist fights in Rattay to gain str / agi. (Talk to Milan)

**After this you will destroy…


I’m new to forums, so forgive me, but to level my bow, I’ve been sneaking around people’s farms and shooting their dogs, chickens, cows and pigs in the face. It’s great. They will come around a corner and see me sitting next to their dead chicken with a bow in my hand and won’t even say a word about it.


A better way is to go rabbit hunting. get stuff to sell ,skill up and sightsee. Another way is to enter the archery contests in Rattay and Ushitz at or below you skill level; win and get skill points and coin, lose and get skill points tho less.
Also if on PC and don’t mind mods you can get the bow dot on when shooting mod and robin hood that has one feature that removes the shaking so all you really hafta learn is the correct lead and or hold over for the tackle you have.
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Archery is actually overpowered. Blatantly overpowered. You can start one shotting mid-level enemies at around 7 or 8 bow skill, and you can get to level 8 in about an hour if you exploit the log training. You cannot shoot through plate armor with an arrow, it’s impossible, yet on this game you can kill a fully plated enemy with 2-3 direct shots through his thickest armor. This is one of my favorite games, but archery is honestly too good and needs a serious nerf. It sucks until level 5, but after level 5 it’s ridiculous how easy it makes the game.


the range target contests in Rattay and Ushitz are easier.


Chumps bring more XP for 1 run. If i remember correctly it is 6-7 XP points per every hit. While in range target contests you are getting 6-7, 12-13, 20-21 XP based on difficulty per run if you won, and always 4 XP if lost.


I argue that the range event is more consistent and easier to do. Just stand there and lob in the shots.
BTW I was get 30 or 40 exp for the 21 arrow event.


For what it’s worth, Skyrim does have drop, from far enough away


I slaughter bunnies